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Thomas Caterers of Distinction

A Full-Service, Off-Premise Caterer that specializes in scratch gourmet catering in private homes, offices and special event venues. Our commitment to excellence and education keeps us on the cutting edge in Indiana and throughout the country.

​Our vision is to create memories that last a lifetime through a positive planning experience, innovative design, quality cuisine and
exceptional service.

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  • Heather S
    Heather S wrote a review November 12, 2022
    Distinction? Where?

    Whewww, where do I start?
    Tonight, I experienced a level of disrespect that I have never experienced in my life. I am the booking manager for a local... DJ and we were having some contact issues with the folks in charge of the coordination and the venue. So I called the # via google to Canal 337 and it went to Thomas Caterers of Distinction. A lady answered the phone and I began to state why I was calling, she IMMEDIATELY told me that she could NOT help me and that this was not her issue. I explained that I was unable to contact the parties that I needed, so I was trying to get some direction from her or someone that was on site at the venue. She continued to tell me that she could NOT help me and that there was nothing she can do and no one else was in the building, I was trying to clarify and SHE HUNG UP ON ME. I then called back and said "Mam, did you hang up on me" and she said " I sure did, you do not seem to be able to take NO for an answer". I explained that we were trying to rectify a matter for the wedding that took place tonight and she said "well I am trying to get out of this building" and hung up. I waited a moment and called back to attempt to reach someone else and got a gentleman on the phone. I began to express my frustration for the poor communication and explained that I was trying to reach someone with the catering/venue that was on site. He hung up. I waited and called back and the first lady that answered picked up again.. I said "i was speaking to a gentleman and I think he hung up on me". She chuckled and said "well he sure did and were about to do it again", and they hung up again.

    IN WHAT WORLD does a company as "reputable" as this treat anyone like this? We paid for a million-dollar insurance policy that listed this company on the policy, and you mean to tell me that I could NOT speak to ANYONE and be continuously hung up on? This is completely unacceptable and very unprofessional. Whether they were able to help me or not, there was not the reason why they did not listen to my questions and concerns and why they hung up on me.

    I would STRONGLY advise that NOBODY use this company, especially if you are a person of color. It's clear that they do not want to service US and have an issue with working on Fridays at 430pm. I am truly appalled at this treatment.

    Date of wedding: 11-11-2022

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