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Welcome and thank you for visiting MOT photography. You’re here because it’s time to capture some memories… and have a lot of fun along the way. You have a wonderful life so it’s important to find someone who can capture it from every angle. MOT photography is an award-winning Hood River-based wedding photographer who is honored to be welcomed into the most amazing lives and important moments in time; to be trusted with documenting the stories that unfold in front of our eyes. You too will be able to look back on cherished memories that will last a lifetime whether you’re getting married in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Vendor Profile - Tom Lebsack

Tom Lebsack


The Platinum Collection


  • 8 Hours
  • Raw Photos: 500+
  • No. of Prints: 2
  • No. of Photographers: 1
  • Delivery in: 4 to 8 Weeks
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Online portfolio
  • Eight hours of continuous service
  • Up to three locations
  • Approximately 400-600 digital images
  • All images professionally edited / retouched / adjusted
  • Second round of advanced image editing (20 photos)
  • Four phone and / or video meetings
  • Two 16
  • Engagement session gifted at time of booking

The Unlimited Collection


  • 14 Hours
  • Raw Photos: 900+
  • No. of Prints: 3
  • No. of Photographers: 1
  • Delivery in: 4 to 8 Weeks
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Online portfolio
  • Onsite from dawn to well-past-dusk (all day / night) to photograph
  • Unlimited location changes
  • Approximately 600-1200 photographs
  • All images professionally edited / retouched / adjusted
  • Second round of advanced image editing (35 photos)
  • Unlimited phone and / or video meetings
  • Three 16
  • Engagement session gifted at time of booking


My personal style: I’m not talking about the clothes I wear, I’m talking about how I behave. To sum it up: I’m here to listen and make sure you get the shots you want. I believe communication is the key and will help out every step of the way. From answering questions leading up to our shoot to giving plenty of direction when you’re in front of the lens so you’re never left wondering. As a result, you’ll have an authentic experience and the photography will be better than you ever expected. My photographic style: This world is a vibrant place and I’m here to show it off. Whenever I photograph people, I love to showcase two things: color and an ultra shallow depth of field. When you look at your photos, I want the colors and depth of field to create a 3D feeling that sucks you into the shot. I use this as a basis when photographing and meld it with the exact photos you’re looking for.
Before deciding on what length of coverage you would like for your wedding, consider these things: - Where are you getting ready vs. where is the ceremony and reception? - Is the groom getting ready in the same location or somewhere else? - How large is the wedding ceremony and reception properties? - What is the size of your bridal party? - How many wedding guests will you have? - How large are your families? - What style and how many family portraits would you like? - What is the length of the ceremony going to be? - Are you okay risking NOT having something photographed (getting ready, wedding venue, reception, etc.)? The amount of coverage you need for your wedding depends on quite a few variables. The MOT photography Wedding Day Experience is designed to capture the entire story of your wedding day. It begins with you getting ready and draws to a finish with your Grand Exit from the reception. Though I offer smaller packages designed for elopements or an intimate wedding at one location, I always recommend at least 8 hours (at minimum) for wedding photography.
All of my wedding packages include high resolution digital images along with a print release form. The digital images will be delivered via an online gallery and available for download. I host the photographs online for at least 6 months, but may be removed after that so you’ll want to ensure they are downloaded before the time expires. The online gallery will include two options for downloading: High resolution which are perfect for large format printing (ie. big canvases, metal, etc.) Consider these your master files… the most important ones. They’re perfect for printing since the files have so much data, but they are not good for sharing via email on posting online. Web Size which are reformatted to share on your social media. These files take up much less space, look good on a screen, but are not to be used for printing since. Though it isn’t required, I am always thankful for a photographer credit / tag whenever you share via social media. Instagram: @MOTphotography Facebook: @MOTphotos All of the images taken during your wedding will be professionally edited so they’re ready to print / share. Because every wedding is different, I don’t guarantee a minimum number images. Most galleries include somewhere around 500-1000 images, including some images being edited in black and white as well.
Just like with most decisions in life, there are strengths and drawbacks to doing a first look on your wedding day. There are many things to consider when making this decision and it can only be made by you two. Below are some of the things to take into account before deciding on a first look. On one hand, enjoying a first look will immediately settle the nerves - it gets the jitters out of the way before you walk down the aisle in front of all your guests. Enjoying a first look provides you both a private moment together which can be a wonderful experience especially on your wedding day… a day where you’ll be surrounded by adoring family and friends. Doing a first look also helps get you to your reception sooner where you can enjoy time with guests. Doing a first look also ensures more photographs of just the two of you. On average, you’ll receive around 40% more portraits of the bride and groom than if there is no first look. On the other hand, not doing a first look can build up the excitement (and it shows) until the very moment the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time. Going this route provides an opportunity for everyone (guests, wedding party, and of course the bride) to eye the groom and see his face as the bride walks towards him. Just because you chose not to do a first look doesn’t mean we can’t get terrific couples photography: I always recommend a private session after the ceremony (typically around sunset) where I pull the bride and groom aside for an intimate session. This can give you an opportunity to breathe and enjoy one another away from your guests.
I’ve got a surprise - an engagement sessions is included with all of my wedding packages! It is my gift to all couples who book with me! Gifting this to you gives us an opportunity to work together before your wedding and helps us build our relationship. Taking advantage of the complimentary engagement session makes a big difference: you’ll have experience being photographed by me and I’ll get to know you both better. The better I know you two, the more authentic and timeless the wedding photography will feel. The engagement session is a gift and may not be substituted for another session or extra hour of coverage on your wedding day. I choose to gift this to you for one very important reason: engagement sessions are a way for us to get to know one another before the big day. You’ll see my personality shine as I will yours. The more we know each other, the better I’ll be able to deliver you the absolute best wedding day photography… and it will truly shine. But what if you’ve already had an engagement session? No problem. I still recommend we get together and you take advantage of this complimentary engagement session. It still includes all the same perks mentioned above PLUS who doesn’t love having more portraits to choose from?


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