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I’m named Misty because my parents were the epitome of procrastinators and it was a misty morning when I was born, but at home I’m often called Mama by my two children, or Mookie (coined by my husband after he saw a weird looking monkey named that!)

My husband is my opposite and if it weren’t for him, my entire life would be as organized as the DVD bin at Walmart. He makes spreadsheets to remind me of what items to bring when traveling, while I focus on the important stuff.. like snacks and downloading some Netflix shows for the plane ride!

I’m overly aware of how bad my singing is, but I still sing along in the car and at your wedding receptions! My husband is sweet enough (or sarcastic enough) to always tell me “you sound just like them, Mook!”

I love to brag about how good I can microwave a pot pie, flip it onto a plate and keep it one piece!! (Though my husband keeps telling me I shouldn’t brag about that because it gives away my lack of coooking skills!)

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