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Makeup ATX was founded in 2017 by Codie LePors. Codie began her career over 16 years Ago after graduating from cosmetology school. from there she immediately started working for Benefit Cosmetics. in 2005 she started her career with MAC Cosmetics, Codie managed 4 locations with the company in three different states. MAC Cosmetics helped train and develop Codie ‘s eye for the “Art of Make-up.”She built a special bond with each client she helped while making her customers feel and look beautiful. after 13 years with the brand she decided to take a leap of faith and leave the company that she devoted many years to.

So with the support from her loving husband, family and friends she started Makeup atx. makeup atx is an on location makeup service that provides “anything makeup” Codie’s number one goal, is to make her clients feel like a better version of themselves while creating special bonds along the way.

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