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Lynda’s Perfection Creations is an Event Planning and Décor Company that offer Full & Partial Services for Events Planning, Décor, and Custom Events. As well as Interior Home & Office Décor.

We cater to Small and Large Events in and around Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. We’ve been servicing individuals and businesses for more than 4 years. With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, we have helped countless people celebrate their lives without worries.

Our determinations to ensure everything is done perfectly and our values is what set us apart from the rest. In addition, our events planners are honest when it comes to our work.

Vendor Profile - Lynda Gono

Lynda Gono

Full and Partial Services for Events Planning, Wedding Planning & Décor, Parties, Custom Events, Home and Office Décor


Yes – whether it be at a hotel, your home or even a salon, having both done at the same place allows for a more stress-free morning without worrying about timing/location between the two places, moving everyone and their stuff multiple times, etc. It can take up more time and add more stress to the day than one may think.
Each wedding planner and coordinator works differently and it’s important to think about what role you may want someone to have in your wedding. Planning and Coordinator can help take a lot of stress out your they and they are train professional who are great at managing timeline and answering every question that you or your vendor made have. Partnering with the right planner can bring your vision to life.
he best time to send out your invitations is 8-12 weeks before the wedding date. This gives enough time for planning and sending back the RSVP card in time. For out of town weddings, it may even be nice to send invitations out more than 12 weeks in advance to give guests a little more time to arrange travel plans.
There can be a lot of fine print in wedding venue contracts. Make sure you know how much time you have to set up and when you need to be all packed up by. Are there any additional charges, valet parking or restroom attendants? Are there any exclusive vendors you must use, and if so what's their pricing? Also, always ask if gratuity is expected and how much. Sometimes the service charge is not given to the servers as gratuity. This is often overlooked by clients and should be considered in their budget.
Almost every bride wants to be smart with her budget, But it's important that you're cutting corners the right way. Some things are not really negotiable: food is food and labor is labor and those things are a fixed cost. So instead of playing hardball with your photographer's rate, ask if you can get him for six hours instead of eight. Ask your Florist or your décor planner what flower or décor you can used to lower your budget. Instead of trying to negotiate down the cost, ask if there are more budget-friendly flowers or décor choice, available instead. People will be a lot more willing to work with you if you ask graciously and try to figure out ways to work within both side's budgets than directly saying: 'Hey can you go lower?'" You can't expect to have a 20,000 wedding décor on a 5000 budget



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  • Alexis B
    Alexis B wrote a review September 21, 2021
    Best Planner ever

    The Owner Lynda is amazing!!! I came to her last minute with my wedding plans. I started planning my wedding on my own and it got so stressful and tha...t when A friend told me about Lynda's Perfection Creation. she was a blessing. she capture everything and more that i never knew i needed. from the moment i contacted her, it felt like i knew her forever. due to coivd we couldn't have the big wedding that we but she made it our dream wedding. she's wonderful.

    Date of wedding: 08-08-2020

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