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Hello! I’m Shawniece, IEWP & IEDP, based in Pittsburgh, PA; however, I will travel just about anywhere for your day. I GSD (Get Shit Done) to bring your wedding-day vision to life. Logistics planning and event design are my favorite parts of planning!

We exclusively take on 20 full-service events yearly; quality over quantity are words we live by. Meaningful connections and thoughtful experiences are most important to us. This is why we offer each of our clients a White-Glove service.

We handle everything from budgeting, vendor procurement, contract review, liaising between you and your vendors, creating a cohesive design plan, managing all event stationery (assembly, postage, and RSVP tracking), to overnight guest accommodations, transportation, and so much more!

Our approach to planning is phase-based. We break planning into small digestible pieces so that planning is not overwhelming and as stress-free as possible. Focus on the fun details, such as menu tastings, wedding day attire, and floral arrangements, and allow the h&b crew to handle all the logistics behind the scenes.

You lead a busy life. Allow us to guide you through this journey with thoughtful, modern, and immersive planning.

Vendor Profile - Shawniece Evins

Shawniece Evins

Wedding planning is such a personal journey; it may set the tone of your marriage. Just when you thought you knew all you can know about your fiance BAM, you learn something new during this extraordinary voyage.

I will hold your hand every step of this glorious journey. You need a #plannerbestie! Your wedding planner should be more than a “yes-woman” that will set unrealistic expectations. You need someone to tell you the hard truth whenever it needs to be said and you need someone that is a full-time planner, not someone that does it as a “side-hustle”.

Collaborating with a wedding planner for your #bestdayever isn’t necessary; however, it is a wise investment. You will be able to breathe a massive sigh of relief on your wedding day, knowing that my team and I are taking care of everything behind the scenes while you have a chance to enjoy the lasting memories that you are creating.


The in-house coordinator that you booked with may not be the person that you will end up planning with. A lot of times they are promoted or move on to another venue for a "better" opportunity. Also, they do not have the time to truly focus on your wedding day. They have 60+ weddings and events that they have to manage at one time (at times they have to manage multiple events on your wedding day), at the same time as booking new events to maintain their quota. On top of all of this, they are only able to provide you with vendor recommendations, which are vendors that have been to that venue a bunch of times. Those vendors are not properly vetted to ensure that they are the perfect fit for you. In-house coordinators have to answer to a higher authority and have to protect the venue's best interest versus the couples. There are amazing in-house coordinators out there, I was one for years. However, I am able to speak to the downsides of relying on the coordinator provided by the venue.
h&b only offers white-glove planning experiences. In my personal opinion, there is no such thing as "day-of-coordination". In my eyes, it is a disservice to my couples for them to not be able to take advantage of my expert opinion and guidance throughout their wedding planning process.
The h&b planning experience fits within most budgets. Typically a wedding planner is able to financially save you anywhere from 10%-25% within your overall wedding budget. I will negotiate pricing/inclusions with your vendors and venue. I will also pass along special discounts that I receive as a wedding planner. This alone will offset a hefty portion of the cost of collaborating with h&b. On top of the financial savings, you can save so much time during the planning process since your planner will provide you with a "blueprint' for planning. You will have more time to spend with your fiance, family, and friends, and to live your normal day-to-day life.
This is your wedding, your way. I am here to guide you throughout the process. I'm here to hold your hand throughout the process. I will provide you with expert advice on wedding etiquette, the pros, and cons of each planning element, and elevate your vision to ensure your wedding day is more than you envisioned.
h&b does set-up within reason. We do not set up tables and chairs or place table cloths (unless unforeseen circumstances present themselves). We will set up small personal items such as but not limited to escort cards, card box, welcome signage, small flora arrangements, and card box. We do not sweep, mop, or remove the trash, or buss tables. We can assist you with hiring the proper team members if your venue does not offer these services.



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