BeauMonde Originals is one of the most sought after wedding videography studios to be found in and around Philadelphia, a fantastic choice for local couples planning their upcoming wedding celebrations in the local area. BeauMonde Originals can offer aerial drone footage in addition to a ton of extra amenities that make the services at this studio especially luxurious. Up to twelve hours of video coverage can be purchased with BeauMonde Originals, with the possibility to add photography services and the services of an extra videographer.

Address: 3128 N 35th St Philadelphia, PA 19132

Phone: 215-435-1418

Facebook: BeauMonde Originals

Instagram: BeauMonde Originals

Contact : Cathie

Look no further than Martin’s Wedding Videos for a wedding videography studio that can create an unforgettable and romantic product to cherish long after the wedding day. Packages with Martin’s Wedding Videos include such amenities as up to ten hours of wedding day coverage, up to two videographers, and a cinematic recap video with loads of special effects for a touch of cinematic flair. Photography and videography services can be combined, keeping multiple services under one roof when working with Martin’s Wedding Videos.

Address: 1500 John F Kennedy Blvd # 200, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 609-576-6601

Facebook: Martin's Wedding Videos

Instagram: Martin's Wedding Videos

Contact : John Martin

For a wedding videography studio that can truly capture the most wonderful moments of a wedding day, Allure Films is just the Philadelphia-based studio for the job. Allure Films has tackled wedding celebrations in hotels, churches, banquet halls, and destination locations far and wide. Owner and head videographer Tim Sudall offers 20 years of practical industry experience, which he uses to film weddings with an invisible hand, blending into the background and capturing moments of true, organic interaction and intimacy.

Address: 124 West Chester Pike, Havertown, PA 19083

Phone: 610-789-8433

Facebook: Allure Films

Instagram: Allure Films

Contact : Tim

Merryweather Films is one of the premier wedding videography studios to be found across Philadelphia and beyond. For local couples planning their wedding celebrations, Merryweather Films can offer a set of three all-inclusive packages, each one increasing in the amount of amenities included. The premiere package includes up to ten hours of coverage, three distinct cameras, day-of production coordination, up to five minutes of highlight reel footage, full-length documentary-style video, a personal website, and a USB drive for convenient access to the files.

Address: 1901 S 9th St #424, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Phone: 610-665-4005

Facebook: Merryweather Films

Instagram: Merryweather Films

Contact : Colin

With nearing twenty years in the business, JPG Photo & Video is one of Philadelphia’s industry leaders. Joseph Gidjunis, the owner, uses his photojournalism background and skills to highlight the honest and genuine moments that you will always treasure. JPG has an impressive number of over 1500 weddings to their credit and their enthusiasm and passion for their job reflects in all of their wedding videos. Their wedding videography packages includes two videographers and a 3-5-minute highlight reel. Drone footage is also available by request.

Address: 180 Green Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone: 888-574-3686

Profile: JPG Photo & Video

Interview: 10 Questions with JPG Photo & Video

Facebook: JPG Photo & Video

Instagram: JPG Photo & Video

Contact : Joseph Gidjunis

Well Spun Weddings is a Philadelphia based wedding videography and cinematography company specializing in making videos with a natural style. Sure, they might be cheesy at times because some couples relish having their own corny inside jokes, which put a massive smile on their faces. Above all, Well Spun Weddings videos are romantic, upbeat, and totally genuine. They have an innate ability to be unobtrusive but still capture your wedding’s personality and showcase both the love you have for each other and the sizzling energy of the day.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 877-979-3456

Profile: Well Spun Weddings

Facebook: Well Spun Weddings

Instagram: Well Spun Weddings

Contact : Abby King

Solidity Films is committed to making wedding videos that make you remember how you felt on your wedding day. They will tell our story with all of the raw emotion, thoughtful details, passion, and compassion that have brought you and your fiancé to the point of walking down the aisle. Their films can bring a smile, or a tear, to your face even when watching a perfect stranger’s love story, so just imagine the outpouring of emotion when watching your own.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Profile: Solidity Films

Facebook: Solidity Films

Instagram: Solidity Films

Contact : Tom

Atomic Tangerine Film Co. is a young and dynamic wedding videography company with bases in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Their music video style is creative and individualized to each couple, so you will end up with a highlight video that you knock your socks off. Travel is included within a 125-mile radius of Philadelphia. Optional extras include drone footage, additional hours, full ceremony and speech edits, or a documentary ‘behind the scenes’ film of your whole day.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 267-614-5661

Profile: Atomic Tangerine Film Co.

Facebook: Atomic Tangerine Film Co.

Instagram: Atomic Tangerine Film Co.

Contact : Ryan Mancuso

Ryan Repash, the filmmaker behind Roslyn Films, has been in the industry since 2008. Specializing in a documentary style of filmography, he is dedicated to creating natural, timeless films that will be able to capture the memories of your wedding day. 

He believes that film has a unique ability to transport viewers back to the moments that it captures, and he believes that every couple deserves to have this gateway to their big day. Through film, you will able to travel back to one of the most important days of your life whenever you want, and he is committed to ensuring that this is possible for you. 

He primarily works as a solo videographer, as he believes that this approach helps him to capture the genuine, unscripted moments on your big day. Music, to him, is one of the most important parts that your wedding film can have, and each background song is chosen carefully to ensure that it works seamlessly with the rest of your film.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 610-442-3769

Profile: Roslyn Films

Facebook: Roslyn Films

Instagram: Roslyn Films

Contact : Ryan Repash

Chad and Lauren are the husband and wife team behind Mist + Moss. They are passionate about making films, telling stories, and creating captivating videos that you will treasure for generations to come. Both Chad and Lauren are professionally trained cinematographers with a knack for being unobtrusive. They are able to ensure that all of the important moments and the finer details that others might miss are captured. Their videos are deeply personal, beautiful, and thoroughly engaging. Prices are available upon request, as all packages are tailored to your needs. They offer feature films, ceremony and toast edits, multiple cinematographers, drone footage, and live streaming services.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 267-570-3723

Profile: Mist + Moss

Facebook: Mist + Moss

Instagram: Mist + Moss

Contact : Chad & Lauren

LoveStruck Pictures is a boutique wedding videography service provider located in Philadelphia, providing excellent services for couples across the local area and beyond. LoveStruck Pictures can provide different styles of films of varying lengths, including highlights films of up to seven minutes, feature films of up to 15 minutes, and outtakes for the happy couple’s enjoyment after the wedding day. LoveStruck Pictures can offer photography and videography services together or separately, keeping things easy for the happy couple.

Address: 3502 Scotts Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Facebook: LoveStruck Pictures

Instagram: LoveStruck Pictures

Contact : Matt

Acquainted Wedding Productions is one of the most locally loved wedding videography outlets in and around Philadelphia, a natural selection of studio for a local couple planning their upcoming nuptials. Acquainted Wedding Productions keeps its services compiled in a variety of all-inclusive packages, offering such valuable amenities as up to ten hours of coverage, live stream possibilities, a ceremony documentary of up to 60 minutes, a reception documentary of up to 45 minutes, and all items available for digital download. A la carte options include drone footage, additional hours, 4k video, and a rush fee, among other such offerings.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 215-853-3873

Facebook: Acquainted Wedding Productions

Instagram: Acquainted Wedding Productions

Contact : Angela

For high quality videography services for a wedding based out of Philadelphia, Noise Soul Cinema is a fantastic wedding videography outlet. Noise Soul Cinema brings a decade of industry experience to the table for clients, with consultations and custom editing provided during the process of creating the perfect wedding film. Using cameras that are “steady and stabilized,” the team of videographers at Noise Soul Cinema can create a smooth and cinematic wedding video that will lend an atmosphere of pure romance and panache to any celebration.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 267-225-8285

Facebook: Noise Soul Cinema

Instagram: Noise Soul Cinema

Contact : Joshua Mallory

Ollie Productions is one of the newer companies on the wedding videography block, founded in 2016; however, they have already garnered numerous awards for their professionalism and breathtaking cinematic wedding videos. Husband and wife team Karl and Steph have a background in filming, production, and the wedding industry. They have honed this into a company that we are confident will grow into one of the top wedding cinematography businesses on the east coast. They know that by making the whole experience fun, you will get the best video possible.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 267-615-1590

Profile: Ollie Productions

Facebook: Ollie Productions

Instagram: Ollie Productions

Contact : Karl & Steph

When it comes to wedding videography services, Stars & Bars Creative can offer some of the finest services on the market across Philadelphia and beyond. Stars & Bars Creative offers all-inclusive packages with live streaming services, cinematic videography with drone footage, and other such creative amenities. Stars & Bars Creative takes an artistic approach to everything they work on, meaning that wedding videos will be inflected with an artist’s eye. For a truly unique wedding video, Stars & Bars Creative is a must-stop wedding videography studio.

Address: 4000 Presidential Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19131

Phone: 267-225-1060

Facebook: Stars & Bars Creative

Instagram: Stars & Bars Creative

Contact : Shawn Prez

geoVideo is a Philadelphia favorite when it comes to wedding videography services, with a team of professionals behind the camera who can ensure a seamlessly created wedding video. geoVideo offers several all-inclusive packages, with the most extensive package including such items as up to two videographers, up to 12 hours of coverage, a highlight film of up to six minutes and another film of up to 20 minutes, drone footage, raw footage access, and 4k quality delivered digitally and on a USB flash drive.

Address: 429 S 48th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Phone: 215-460-3151

Facebook: geoVideo

Instagram: geoVideo

Contact : George Dougherty

Danielle Rivera is the incredible human behind Danfredo Photos + Films. This company aims to work with equally awesome couples and bring their love story to life through photos and videos uniquely styled to each love match. Expect funky, folksy music (if that’s your thing), bright and bold colors, vivid imagery, and a touch of sentimentality. Above all, you can expect a well-executed wedding video that documents your day with an edgy, fun style that will make you and your loved ones want to watch it again and again over the years. Social media sneak peek videos can be expected within a few days of your wedding and a full highlights video within 10-12 weeks.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 267-603-6830

Profile: Danfredo Photos + Films

Facebook: Danfredo Photos + Films

Contact : Danielle Rivera

ZIMM Productions have branched out and started a new wedding brand called StoryTellers in order to better represent who they are and what they do. They create love stories and aim to portray on film why you are in love, with all of the raw emotion, joy, tears, and laughter. John Zimmerman, the owner and lead videographer, will work with you in advance to get a feel for your preferred taste and style so that you can create an heirloom video that will whisk you back to your special day every time you watch it.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 609-707-5942

Profile: ZIMM productions

Facebook: ZIMM productions

Instagram: ZIMM productions

Contact : John Zimmerman

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A wedding video increases exponentially with emotional value as the years go on. Your children will love to see your youthful, smiling faces, and you can be transported back to that day that will always be fresh in your mind. The wedding videographers on our list are true artists in their craft.

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