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Hi! I’m Shawna!
Weddings are a time of metamorphosis and beauty. They bring families together in a way that nothing else does and it’s all to celebrate you and your love and commitment to one another. LotusFly (pronounced as two separate words: lotus fly) Photography was named after two of my favorite representations of beauty and metamorphosis in the natural world: the lotus flower, and the dragonfly.

Your photographer is the one vendor who will be with you all day, so it is important to make sure you select someone who treats people well and has a great attitude in addition to a beautiful portfolio and style that resonates with you. I love my clients and their families. I will treat you with the same humor, understanding, and respect with which i treat my own friends and family. I enjoy the process of getting to know you and i am excited for you on your day (I’ve even been known to tear up behind my camera). Overall, i blend into the background as much as possible when it’s appropriate, capturing things as they happen and I help you create portraits with gentle direction and humor where necessary. It is your day. let’s work together to make your photos the best record of your memories they can be! I look forward to working with you!

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