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Oh hey, I’m Jaylynn Bird.

I usually answer to JayBird. I am a Wedding Photographer & Portrait Photographer born and raised in Oklahoma. I travel all around capturing beautiful moments of humans… allowing them to have a memory frozen in time forever.

So what do you say? Want to make some memories?

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Jaylynn  Bird


I will take care of you, as you are now part of the JayBird Photography family. I will help you with your timeline, any wedding planning needs you may have without overstepping your planner, and I will be honest with you! Weddings can be stressful, and I want you and your family to be as stress free as possible. I'll be the family wrangler, and I will help ensure that your special day is as beautiful as you deserve. If it rains, if it snows, if it gets dark early, if hair and makeup run late, if we get stuck in traffic - I GOT YOU & your images will still be amazing.
Because not one size fits all and every single person, and session is completely different... I only list my beginning prices! I want to meet you, get to know you, and make sure we are a great fit together, AND THEN, I want to tell you what prices I can give you, and hope I can give you the deal of the century. I often times, will throw in no travel fees, and bonus hours or sessions, because I am human too, and everyone needs a break now and then! So make sure you fill out a contact form, and I will be better to assist you when it comes to pricing!
Sometimes! The option is always available to request a second photographer, and lucky for the both of us it is my husband (usually). He has been trained under my watchful eye, and does just as amazing as I do when it comes to creativity in a shot! So you can guarantee to have two pros photographing you if need be! The only thing he doesn't do is the edits! I do ALL of them on my own without outsourcing edits! So you can expect each photo to be handcrafted individually by me!
Unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for unedited raws, then no. JayBird Photography has an image we would like to uphold, and we want the photos we capture, to be something that represents our brand. Think of it this way, if you were to buy an unfinished painting from a painter, that would be similar to buying an unedited photograph. You have the image, but you also have nothing else that went into it, it would be like having the outline of the painting, and trust me... you do NOT want to see that!
Prints/Albums/Books, etc. Are always available to purchase, and I would be happy to send over a pricing sheet for that. Unfortunately, the place I order all prints from requires a photography business license to order from them! Otherwise, I cannot guarantee quality, zero pixelation, or high quality images if you choose not to print through JayBird Photography! So feel free to contact me and we can chat about order forms, over sodas!


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