Weddings can be a whole lot of work. Perhaps this is obvious to anyone who has taken the reins on planning one, but for those still in the thick of it, weddings can be a stressful project to handle. But once the big day finally arrives and your family and friends stream through the doors of your venue and fill the seats, the pure rush of joy and adrenaline will take over, and you’ll know that all of your work will have been worth it.

However, with so much riding on one day and with such high stakes leading up to the event, you cannot possibly be expected to be everywhere, do everything, and talk to everyone at once. You’re only one person after all, and you deserve to derive joy from your wedding however you see fit. That’s why it might be a good idea to leave a little bit of that enjoyment for later! 

By hiring a wedding videographer, you can avoid the stress of missing out on those important moments since you’ll have access to them in posterity; that means you can relax, enjoy, and live in the moment during your ceremony and celebration. To make the process even easier for you, we’ve put together this list of the top ten wedding videographers in the greater Tulsa area available for hire today!

PenWeddings is a wedding videography company based in Tulsa with a proven track record of going the extra mile for their clients…literally! The husband-and-wife team at PenWeddings, Sarah & Rick Pendergraft, specializes in destination weddings across the country and the world, but they also provide services for Tulsa locals. Natural storytellers and adept filmmakers Sarah and Rick take their craft seriously, and their long list of accolades bears that out.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-645-2695

Social: PenWeddings

Contact : Sarah & Rick

At Tulsa-based wedding videography company Redeemed Productions, Joel and John combine their skill sets and their passion for bringing their clients a wedding video that captures the celebration’s tangible energy and joy. They understand that each wedding and each couple is unique, so they help you to create a custom package that allows you to get all the services you want. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying for services that you aren’t looking for, and you know you’re getting value for money!

Address: 4142 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone: 918-728-9122

Social: Redeemed Productions

Contact : John Bunn

Neek Films is a wedding videography company located in Tulsa. Featured in several prominent wedding publications, Neek Films is run by Dominique, a photographer, videographer, producer, and DJ. Her wide-ranging skills add a credentialed expertise, with 60 wedding films across the country to her name, to the baseline of care and devotion she lends to her clients.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-409-3504

Social: Neek Films

Contact : Dominique

At Citiscape Weddings, Jamie, Shelby, & Drew can provide wedding videography services to any Tulsa-local wedding. With backgrounds in photojournalism, the team at Citiscape Weddings can confidently capture the energy and atmosphere of your celebration in one of three available packages for purchase and a wide range of available add-ons such as a keepsake wedding box, drone footage, and rehearsal dinner footage.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-607-5941

Social: Citiscape Weddings

Contact : Jamie Wright

JAG Photo + Video is a Tulsa-based wedding videography company. With 300+ weddings under his belt, Jordan provides top-notch service with several videography packages for you to choose from. The most expensive of these is one of the most elaborate on the market, including two videographers, two photographers, drone footage, engagement photoshoots, and more. Jordan’s versatility and professionalism guarantee that his services will make the spirit of your celebration last forever on film.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-344-8872

Social: JAG Photo + Video

Contact : Jordan A. Garrett

At Neal Films, a wedding videography company offering services for Tulsa-local weddings as well as Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri-based weddings, married couple Chris and Jhoselin pay the joy of their wedding day forward onto their clients. They also offer bilingual services in English and Spanish. If you’re looking for more information, you can contact them via their website.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-857-2886

Social: Neal Films

Contact : Chris

Sonder Films is a Tulsa-based wedding videography company headed up by Danielle, a self-described “sucker” for flowers, wedding videos, and a good love story. Danielle is also an experienced videographer with a delicate touch and a vested interest in her clients’ lives and stories. Bringing her personality to her profession, Danielle’s love for love itself cannot help but factor into all of her projects.

Address: Tulsa, OK 74136

Phone: 816-825-1043

Social: Sonder Films

Contact : Danielle

At Like Crazy Wedding Films, a wedding videography company located in Tulsa, husband-and-wife team Whitney and Brandon Warnock specialize in capturing authentic moments of connection and passion for the couples they film. With a variety of packages for you to choose from, Like Crazy Wedding Films offers a variety of services. However, first and foremost, their focus is on meeting the individual needs of their clients.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Social: Like Crazy Wedding Films

Contact : Brandon Warnock

Tulsa Event Video is a Tulsa-based wedding videography service owned and operated by professional videographer Daniel Murphree. With ten years of experience in film production and 160 weddings personally shot since 2011, Daniel offers a range of packages for couples to choose from, as well as a large set of additional features such as a story video, an engagement video, and live streaming of the ceremony.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-906-2400

Social: Tulsa Event Video

Contact : Daniel Murphree

Two Planet Productions, a wedding videography service based in Tulsa, brings twenty combined years of experience to the table from their team of photographers, videographers, and production designers. They have been featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and in several major wedding-centered journalistic outposts. Prioritizing their clients’ vision, Two Planet Productions uses the tools burnished from years of practical knowledge in the non-profit and business sectors to offer clients a professional product with a personal touch.

Address: Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-280-8528

Social: Two Planet Productions

Contact : Two Planet Productions Team

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Weddings aren’t easy to plan, and we know that. But with a wedding videographer on your team and on your side, you won’t have to worry about holding onto those fleeting memories for dear life. With a wedding videographer who knows you and your loved one, who knows your love story, and who cares deeply about capturing your celebration, you can let loose and revel in the fruits of your labor, all while your trusted videographer stands by and preserves every second of it for posterity.

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