Offering full-service catering services, Ludger’s Catering & Events is the perfect spot for all your wedding meal needs. Their culinary experts provide couples with a range of food styles to please any palate. The team can accommodate buffet, hand-passed meals, stations or plated items, and family-style meals to meet every vision. Though they stand by the quality and universal appeal of the items on their menu, they are always up to creating custom menus to suit your specific tastes and preferences. Additionally, their trained catering staff also makes sure to deliver personalized services to all guests.

Address: 1628 S. Main St., Tulsa OK 74119

Phone: (918) 744-9988

Facebook: Ludger's Catering & Events

Contact : Megan Sherrill

Stu B Que is a popular full-line catering kitchen specializing in affordable BBQ dishes. No matter whether you’re planning a reception in your backyard or a formal sit-down dinner, their chefs can help you with all your needs. Dishes on offer include chili, fajitas, BBQ meats, and more. They’ll work with you to design a menu tailored to your tastes before your big day. In addition to food preparation, the team also manages everything from table settings to cleanup.

Address: 4920 E Kenosha St, Broken Arrow, OK 74014

Phone: (918) 724-7886

Facebook: Stu B Que Catering

Contact : Stu B Que Catering Team

Blending European food flair with American warmth and hospitality, Aila’s Catering Events is committed to making your wedding day special. Boasting over 25 years of experience in the catering industry, owner Aila strives to serve exquisite food to all her clients. Whether small or large, rustic or modern, or casual or formal, they cater to celebrations of all sizes and styles. This team of trained chefs uses only superior quality ingredients for food preparation and ensures stunning presentations to reflect your unique story through your wedding menu.

Address: 6263 State Highway 66, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74131

Phone: (918) 859-8786

Instagram: Aila's Catering Events

Contact : Aila

Offering an extensive list of different menus, Vitter’s Catering is perfect for couples who prefer variety on their big day. They help every couple plan and design customized wedding menus after one on one consultations. Boasting years of experience in the food industry, chef Josh has immense knowledge in global cuisines, including authentic German, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian fusion, and Mexican. They have everything you could need on their menu, from appetizers, sides, and the main course to beverages, desserts, and more, making them perfect for all couples. 

Address: 8720 E 21st #201, Tulsa, OK 74128

Phone: (918) 978-9044

Facebook: Vitter's Catering

Contact : Josh

Featuring a vast list of delicious food for small or large events, Dope Soul Catering + Food Truck is one of the best catering services in the Tulsa Metro Area. They work with local farmers to support the local community and prepare all their food with the freshest ingredients to ensure luscious flavors. The team offers every kind of experience, from simple to elegant. Their menu displays an exclusive deal of food options, including vegan and allergen-free, to meet people’s dietary restrictions. Talk to their chefs for a fully customized wedding menu. 

Address: 3830 N Osage Dr, Tulsa OK 74127

Phone: (918) 497-8876

Facebook: Dope Soul Catering & Food Truck

Instagram: Dope Soul Catering & Food Truck

Contact : Tecumseh Shawnee

Known for delivering the finest catering services, 2 POPS Catering has the talent and expertise you require to make your wedding exceptional. From menu planning to striking food presentations, their experts pay close attention to all elements to take care of couples and their relatives in style. From at-home celebrations to grand ceremonies, you can trust their chefs and catering professionals to make your big day truly unforgettable. If you have special dietary needs, they can tailor the menu accordingly to ensure a marvelous culinary experience.

Address: 5451 S Mingo Rd Suite A Tulsa, Ok 74146

Phone: (918) 516-8277

Facebook: 2 Pops Catering

Contact : 2 Pops Catering Team

Offering custom menus for weddings, Justin Thompson Catering is an award-winning catering company. Their expertly trained team can deliver unrivaled cuisine and services by combining the latest kitchen equipment with unique cooking techniques. They have an extensive menu that features elevated cuisines and beverages. Whether a large-scale event or an intimate celebration, their catering specialists can guide you through the process of crafting your wedding-special menu.

Address: 624 S Boston Ave Tulsa, OK 74119

Phone: (918) 779-6333

Facebook: Justin Thompson Catering

Instagram: Justin Thompson Catering

Contact : Justin Thompson

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A professional wedding caterer service regularly communicates with the couple or their close ones to help them plan a perfect wedding reception. They can recommend the best dishes to serve your guests, saving you lots of time sifting through extensive menus. Choose any of these wedding caterers and make your experience easy and exciting.

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