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What really qualifies us as the best, is our unique approach of mixing devotion to detail, impeccable design, and intelligent problem-solving. No stone is left unturned, and no candle left unlit. We are the first people on site the day of the wedding and the last to leave.

Each of our couples get our whole-hearted attention. We exceed your expectations as a professional planner and designer. Your wedding will be sophisticated, stylish, enjoyable, and seamless. Our couples rest assured knowing that their event is in the best hands possible.


Hello, Happy Couples! I am Amanda of Ivory & Lace Creative Weddings. I come from a long history of event planners and have been in the industry for nearly a decade. I have innovatively organized thousands of events – from hands-on installation and design to full-scale production. But I haven’t always been in weddings. I have a degree in Anthropology from San Diego State University, with an emphasis on cultural customs, rituals, and superstitions.

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  • Lynn C
    Lynn C wrote a review December 15, 2022
    Think twice.

    Amanda seemed nice enough. Much like the recent reviews, almost a complete disaster. Almost.
    The day of the wedding, she allotted no time for decorat...ing, she was changing almost everything regarding decor placements etc that were on the diagram! She was in way over her head. Her and my husband had a few “discussions” throughout the day regarding her actions. She then began going to our daughter (the bride) with questions about decor, while she’s getting her hair and make up done!
    We had gotten a beautiful runner, as a surprise for our daughter, Amanda goes to her and asks “do you want the runner?”, my daughter says, “no, I didn’t get a runner”…guess what, no runner was placed. It was a very windy day, but my husband (the father) had plans to secure it when Amanda was ready to lay it.
    During the reception, the decor wasn’t even finished! The candle guest favors weren’t even on the tables!
    As the mother and father of the bride, we were furious! Waiting for the pictures to see how much of the decor was actually left out. The memorial table was placed way in the back of the venue. That was one placement that was not on the diagram. Wish she would have asked. It was an important table that nobody saw.
    We had 300 battery powered candles, globe walkway lights, and mason jars with fairy lights for placement throughout the wooded area perimeter of the reception. Again, when the pictures come in, they will tell the story if the decor was complete or not.
    The hot chocolate and coffee bar were a complete disaster. Never got the coffee going at all.
    She was supposed to have 2-3 assistants, she had 1. Did we pay for 2-3 assistants in the original price? Who knows.
    Never saw her before she left. The bride (my daughter) had to Venmo her the tip for her and her assistant.
    Due to wedding etiquette, our daughter did tip but my husband (the father) would not have. It was a lot of work and Amanda was not prepared.
    Time management was a huge issue for her and changing things to her vision, instead of our daughters, was not an option. My husband and I were always open and were available 90% of the day for questions.
    I would think twice before hiring her until she gets more organized. She absolutely tries to pass the buck on to everyone else. However, the buck stops with the Planner.

    Date of wedding: 11-19-2022

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