Founded in 2011, Amari Productions has a knack for details, and they always keep in mind that what matters is your story. They want to create videos for you that are full of artistic creativity and delivered with a healthy dose of professional filmmaking style.

Amari Productions offer four packages, each coming with the same set of basic services, two cinematographers, 8 hours of coverage, raw footage, as well as creative edits that depend on the package. Their most popular option is the Same Day Edit, offering a 4-6 minute highlight film that you can watch with your guests while you are still celebrating!

Follow them on Instagram for stunning sample videos. They are also present on almost all social media, so you can check them out on a platform you prefer. You can even watch their behind-the-scenes video, so you know exactly how they work.

To learn more about all of their packages and to contact them for further information and pricing, visit their website.

Address: 600 B Street Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 619-752-4923

Social: Amari Productions

Profile: Amari Productions

Contact : Dave McQueen

Ruffmedia knows just how much time and effort you’ve invested in planning every aspect of your wedding, and they want you to enjoy it, knowing they will take care of capturing it perfectly. They offer one of a kind filming experience that relies on authenticity.

They offer packaged services that you can enquire about through their website, but they are also flexible, so you can create your own package to perfectly match your needs. For your convenience, they offer a variety of video types, from short same-day-edit videos and highlight reels to a full motion picture film that captures everything.

To learn more, contact Ruffmedia and follow them on Instagram for amazing sample videos.

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: 760-910-7525



Contact : RUFFMEDIA Team

Highly respected and among the top 5% of the best wedding professionals in the industry, Focused Bliss strives to provide an emotional story about you and your love. They personalize each film inspired by you as a couple and as unique individuals, that way, not a single wedding video is alike.

And it’s no wonder they are at the top. They create videos not just as a job, but for fun! And they have a special team member who will provide the highest cuteness level, Kira the dog. They are a fun team full of love for what they do.

They offer one package that truly has it all – a social teaser, cinematic short film, and 7 hours of coverage, plus high-definition electronic delivery. And you can add other types of videos to enhance your experience.

For pricing and all other information, contact them through their website. Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram for unique and stunning sample videos.

Address: 1430 Northrim Ct #1, San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 781-475-0364

Social: Focused Bliss Productions

Profile: Focused Bliss Productions

Contact : Michael

Ryan, the founder of Ryan Green Films, loves taking an independent approach to ensure the highest quality of production. He will take care of everything for you, from filming to editing and delivery.

The number of wedding videos featured on his website and his Vimeo page speaks volumes about his work and the trust couples put in him.

He offers two main packages, Teal and Gold. The Gold package includes the feature film, and that is the only difference. If you are planning a small elopement style wedding, there are custom packages available for you as well. He also provides coverage for destination weddings.

For additional information, contact Ryan through his website, via phone, or email.

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: 619-559-1476

Social: Ryan Green Films

Profile: Ryan Green Films

Contact : Ryan Green

Holly and Mat founded Sutography in 2004 to honor the tradition of marriage and to help you celebrate your love. They provide videography and photography services to capture all those perfect shots and moments on your special day.

You will be able to fully enjoy every second of your wedding as they work in the background, creating amazing footage of special moments so you can enjoy them again and again for years to come. They are the perfect partners in life and work, organized, and they have great managing skills to keep everything on track.

For more information and to learn about their offer, contact Holly and Mat through their website. You can also enjoy video samples and photos on their Instagram.

Address: 3920 Idaho St Unit 1, San Diego, CA 92104

Phone: 619-393-6623

Social: Sutography

Profile: Sutography

Contact : Holly & Mat

Timecode Media is proud of its candid style and discrete approach to filming. They are passionate about creating incredible films of your special day that are far from ordinary. Capturing the heart of your love and your story is their main goal.

Many happy couples who worked with Timecode Media wrote testimonials with the highest praise and many wonderful words about their cinematographer Tareq. You can read these on the website to learn more about why you should consider Timecode Media.

And for any other information and to learn about the packages they offer, contact Timecode Media through their website or via email or phone.

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: 858-449-3005

Social: Timecode Media

Profile: Timecode Media

Contact : Tareq

Just as their name says, Your Lovely Wedding is there to make your wedding lovely. Founded in 2011, they are a team of professionals working hard to create incredible films that share the quality, innovation, and production of Hollywood-level motion pictures.

They use top of the line equipment to ensure the best results and approach every aspect of filming through imaginative eyes. Going above and beyond for their clients, Your Lovely Wedding offer drone footage, free highlights video, as well as a wedding website, among everything else.

To learn all about their packages and get a quote, contact them through their website.

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: 818-280-7724

Social: Your Lovely Wedding

Profile: Your Lovely Wedding

Contact : Anton

For almost 20 years, Taylor Films have been providing compelling wedding films. They strive to capture those perfect memories of your special day. It’s all about those small, subtle moments of love between you and your partner. And it is those moments that Jason of Taylor Films wants to make eternal.

With 1300 events under his belt, Jason has honed his skills to perfection, creating a unique style along the way that emphasizes the cinematic approach. All of this made Taylor Films an award-winning company with many happy clients.

For more information, contact Taylor Films through their website, where you can also watch stunning wedding videos. Alternatively, you can also contact them through phone or email.

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: 760-846-0418

Social: Taylor Films

Profile: Taylor Films

Contact : Jason Taylor

For those looking for a truly elegant and personal style, Ryan Films is one of the best options in Southern California. They specialize in creating a heartwarming story of your love. Even though they started just over five years ago, they have already worked on over 400 weddings!

Ryan Films also offer discounts depending on the day of the week and the month of your wedding. Their complete package includes both a highlight reel and a documentary of the event.

To learn more about their packages and additional offers, visit their website, where you can also contact them for more information. Also, check them out on Instagram for amazing sample videos.

Address: San Diego, CA

Social: Ryan Films

Profile: Ryan Films

Contact : Ryan Widjaja

With a one-of-a-kind filming style, Sea Monstrosity Pictures wants to offer you a truly unique experience.

The lowest-priced package includes only raw footage, while at the other end, they offer full wedding coverage packed into a 30-40 minute long feature video and a 1-minute trailer. Chelsea will be your lead cinematographer, but a second videographer is there to ensure everything is captured. Drone footage is also available.

For more information, contact Sea Monstrosity Pictures through their website.

Address: San Diego, CA

Social: Sea Monstrosity Pictures

Profile: Sea Monstrosity Pictures

Interview: 10 Questions with Sea Monstrosity Pictures

Contact : Chelsea Alderman

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There is no reason to stress over this important part of your whole wedding experience. We’ve told you about San Diego’s very best, and there is no question that the talented filmmakers from our list are inspired, creative, and driven.

Creating videos is their job, but more importantly, it is their passion, and they love every moment of it, just like you and your partner will enjoy every moment of your perfect day, reliving it through stunning films and highlight reels.

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