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Hi, I’m heather! I’m the owner and lead photographer at elysian bloom. I appreciate you taking a moment to check out this section so you can learn a little bit about me and what makes me tick. I believe it is important for you to connect with me or any other photographer you may hire when choosing someone to capture your life’s most beautiful moments. I am a wife, mommy, lover, dreamer, free spirit, artist, registered yoga instructor, and I am full of passion for making and creating beautiful things and seeing beauty in things others may find ordinary. I find it very peaceful to be behind my lens capturing everything from my wonderful clients to flowers and sunsets.

When I am being creative and living in my artistic energy, it awakens a part in me that makes me feel like I am living in my purpose and makes me feel alive. My brand of photography specializes in femininity… a quality I feel is becoming less important and present in the lives of people all around me. We live in such a fast paced, masculine world where everything is about logic, conquering, tasks and timelines. All of those things are necessary and valuable, but so is the flip side of those things. It is important, for women especially, to never lose touch with their softness, playfulness and vulnerability and it is my mission to inspire them to breathe deep, go beyond the surface and find parts of themselves they hid away a long time ago.

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