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Hi, my name is Alona, I’ve been in a flower industry from my very early age. My parents are gardeners and flower growers in Europe.

I came to United States to study floral design from one of the best floral masters in New York, who worked with Loreal, Coach and Louis Vuitton arranging huge floral displays and events!

I took all knowledge and experience that i’ve got from my master and in 2015 created my own company naming it Chic Flowers!

I’m very hardworking, and the beginning for my business was not that easy, then i thought, i didn’t expect i would work 15 hours designing for the bride and then setting up the next day for 12-15 hours more!

Today we have a full team in place, that can create beautiful elevated arrangements transform the place from a boring ballroom to a unique and unforgettable place!

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Alona Chasin


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  • Katie U
    Katie U wrote a review June 25, 2023
    Doubled the cost one week before final payment due

    I’m so disappointed by this vendor. The first interactions went well enough. Got a quote a year+ prior to my wedding and Alona was kind and As the date neared, I wanted to update her to let her know that we would be needing fewer items as our actual guest count was lower than expected. She proceeded to respond saying that because I changed from the original quote that she would need to “update the pricing,” which included essentially doubling the cost of the flowers from the original quote. When I asked if I could just go back to the original quote, she refused, saying that the costs had increased because of COVID.
    COVID affected businesses and costs. I can accept that. But, it was the fact that she used this excuse to double the price one week before the final payment was due was unacceptable. She told me I was free to find another vendor to provide the flowers. But with only less than a couple months before my wedding, she essentially knew that would be impossible. If she had simply communicated this increase with more advanced notice, it probably would have been fine and we would have still kept her on as our florist. But because she didn’t, it seemed like she was just waiting for any excuse to up the prices and would have done it with even LESS notice, had I not tried to update the items when I did. Super unprofessional and seemingly underhanded.
    I ended up staying with her because there was no time to find an alternative. And on top of the price increase, the centerpieces provided were not correct according to what we had discussed.

    Date of wedding: 09-04-2021

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