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Hi there! I’m Kimberly Sisti.

I’m a San Diego wedding florist, planner, and the legacy of a family of incredibly inspiring individuals.

I believe a modern wedding is more than just an event. When you let me orchestrate your special day, I promise to allow you the ability to focus on yourself and what brought you two together for this magical moment. I provide elegant, elevated, and passionate wedding planning and design for the modern day bride.

Inspired by my family history in the fine arts and my training in classical history, I create your day to be a reflection of who you are as a couple, and the blending of each of your unique heritages.

Sisti & Co. is a San Diego wedding planner, florist, and design atelier bringing beautiful weddings and micro weddings to life. We offer thoughtful wedding planning, event styling and refined floral design for celebrations and weddings around the world.

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Kimberly Sisti


Our current minimum investment for 2022 is $5000. We also offer à la carte items as well for clients. Feel free to email us and ask!
I tend to use what is in season, and design around Mother Nature's offerings. That said, there will be an occasional out-of-season bloom or green used, but it varies greatly on the client's budget and intended look.
Life happens, and I completely understand that. Any retainer previously paid is rolled over to the new event date. If it is within the 30-day mark all flowers are already purchased and cannot be refunded.
The short answer to this is no. I'm not a fan of copying others' work. I will use pictures as inspiration and show you how and where they will be similar, but I do not replicate a photo perfectly. Would you ask a painter to duplicate the Mona Lisa? It's the same idea here :)
Unfortunately not. Substitutions in the flower world are very common. People forget that flowers might not make it through customs, might be dead upon arrival, or even the wrong color despite our research into each farm that grows the flower. This, coupled with the uncertainty of potential rain and snow storms that might impact crops make it impossible for us to tell you what you'll be enjoying. Trust me though, you won't be disappointed!



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