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10 Questions with Aaron Datu

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hey I'm Aaron Datu, owner of Aaron Datu Films! Aside from being a filmmaker, I'm also a husband and father. Truth is, it was because of my daughter Ellah, that I picked up a video camera in the first place. I've always had those roots ingrained in me from when I was a kid, my parents filmed and photographed me growing up so I did the same. Fast forward a couple years, I found myself loving this craft and documenting genuine moments in life. So it was only natural to film weddings for me.

I absolutely love what I get to do and serving amazing couples is icing on the cake! As a creative, weddings are so rewarding as the work I produce is valued so highly. After all, this isn't a Hollywood set where you get to re-shoot a scene. This is a one day, one time event, the moments happen once and the feeling and emotions are everywhere. My duty is to capture that essence for you in the truest form. Some of my favorite parts of any day are always moments with dad, so I am a little biased on this part, but it's definitely the father daughter first look and dance. Gets me in the feels all the time!

Your wedding day is super important to me and to you, as it should be! I'm here to serve my couples and give them the opportunity to hit rewind on their legacy!

2. How long have you been filming weddings? How many weddings have you filmed?

I've been filming weddings for 3 years and been a part of 25 weddings!

3. How would you describe your videography style?

Combination of cinematic and raw!

Emotion driven storytelling! Meaning, every couple is different, every story is different, every wedding day is different, my style is more to capture the natural essence of a couple and when they re-watch their day, that can say, "yes, that is so us!"

4. How well in advance should couples book their wedding videographer?

I will only take couples that will be having their wedding in 16 months or less upon inquiring!

5. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

I have 3 set packages, ranging from The Basic, The Essential, and The Premium Packages. All varying in coverage, film lengths, and extra add-ons.

The most popular package is The Essential package, which covers a majority of wedding days.

I also offer a fully Custom package if a couple wants to build out a package via A La Carte! This is perfect for elopements!

6. Are you the wedding videographer who will be filming on the wedding day? How many camera people and cameras will be operating on the day?

Yes, I am the lead shooter for every wedding day. Depending on if you purchase an additional videographer will vary. However every wedding day will have 3 cameras to capture the ceremony and the rest varys on how the wedding day logistics are setup!

7. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

Yes, travel is charged if the wedding is happening 90 miles outside of Wichita, KS! The travel fee is just enough to cover transportation costs such as gas and permits. If lodging is required then that is factored in. If a wedding requires me to travel via airplane, then the cost of airfare, checked bag(s), and rental car will be factored in. We can opt to just calculate all that leading up to the wedding day and then invoiced after the fact to make it easier and more accurate for both of us :)

8. How do you back-up your footage to ensure no footage is lost and for how long do you keep the footage after the wedding?

I use a variety of back up procedures for all my projects. Just know that after your wedding day that I have your footage in 5 forms of storage :)

I do keep your wedding day footage up to 1 year in my storage system. So if you don't know if you want to purchase your RAW footage, you have until your 1 year anniversary. I only keep it for that long as I have to make room for the next wedding season and a full wedding day coverage can vary from 500 GB to 1.5 TB of storage.

9. How long after the wedding will the couple receive the video? And how will the video be delivered?

Upon my contract, the maximum length of time to get your Highlight Film back is 4 months. It is only this long as some weddings are in peak season and there are weeks span that I'm filming a wedding every weekend.

The final wedding collection is delivered via private website. However, if you want something more tangible, be sure to ask about that during our initial consultation.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

All payments made are final.

If a full cancellation of a wedding is the final decision, I will only refund your investment back if I can replace that booking.

However, if it is just a postponement, your payments will go toward your new date. Keep in mind you would need to have your new wedding day within 1 year of your original date. Any date out longer than 1 year, I am no longer obligated to film that postponed wedding and the funds are forfeited.



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