10 Questions with Rene Gamet

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Hair & Makeup Artist - Rene Gamet

10 Questions with Rene Gamet

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Aloha, I am Rene Gamet founder and lead Hair/Makeup artist with Lash & Lox Special Event Hair & Makeup. I’m from you guessed it, Hawaii and more importantly the island of Kauai. It was there that I grew up and right out of high school spent 2 years as an apprentice to get my hair license. As sort of an on the job training situation plus specific training and book work on my own. This is where my entrepreneurship, self motivation, & determination was born. Also where my Creativity and Love for wedding work was discovered and began to flourish. I sure do miss the days of unlimited sunshine and weddings all year round. Not to mention - no clients, no problem- let’s go beach!

Currently my Husband, 2 little girls ( 4yo & 1), and I reside in troutdale just east of Portland.
We moved here back in 2010 and I started in a salon doing haircuts and color but I knew immediately that I wanted to expand in my wedding work. So I Went back to beauty school for my esthetics license and began makeup training. Many many faces later, I am just as confident in makeup as I am in Hair artistry. I pride myself in being able to pick apart a hairstyle from a picture and recreating nearly anything I’m asked to do. I’d say “Soft Glam” is my fave makeup vibe.

My dreams of running a team and being able to provide bridal parties of any size with complete services is my calling. Also helping to grow these stylist to their full potential and giving them the tricks of the trade I maybe had to figure out on my own. I love passing on knowledge and it makes it full circle for me.

In my spare time (? right) Okay, in my specially allocated time, I am also very competitive in Jiu Jitsu. A Brown belt with 10th Planet Portland is my other journey in mastery. Just another form of art I put into action for my souls Happiness and of course a great stress reliever. I love to be able to say I can Beauty & I can Beast ??❤️

2. What's your experience as a bridal hair & makeup artist? How many brides are in there in your portfolio?

My experience in bridal hair and makeup starts in my time in Hawaii. Where people get married all year round and someone like me could build a business and hone my skills right away. With 16 years in the hair industry and a solid 10 years in wedding makeup, I don’t know if I can even guesstimate how many brides I have in my portfolio. I have done about 20-30 per year so that’s a good many to have beautified and been a part of their special day.

3. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

We offer one main bridal package and that’s for Hair and makeup on the day of the event, trial practice run, and brow waxing if desired. This also includes travel to to and from the venue. That is $400

Another package I offer is Hair and/or makeup for bridesmaids $140
and same for mother’s $120

We also do ala carte style and can combine any amount of hair services or makeup until everyone is covered that wants to get something done. Strip lashes are included with all makeup applications. They make such a difference I don’t want the wedding party to worry that they have to pay another $20 in cash on the day of.

4. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day? What will happen if you're sick or have an emergency on the wedding day?

I do have a team of assistants. I like to call them my partners when we go out to do work because we are there for each other. One thrives where one may be slacking. And we get the job done together no matter what.

If there was an emergency on wedding Day, it would have to be something huge in order for us to not show up. If I couldn’t complete services I would do all I can to get another stylist to be there at the defermined time period.

5. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

If a bride is getting the perfection package for hair and makeup with the trial. that package includes the travel for a one hour radius. Some choose to do Hair only or makeup only. In this case I would then charge a travel fee. Which is roughly $60 for a. 30 minute radius. It covers traveling to and from the venue and in most cases the cost of valet parking) I do have an additional stylist fee if it’s a work load that a single stylist can do in 4-5 hours. But to be faster is desired or a very small time window is dictated.

6. Can the bride book a wedding makeup trial appointment and will you also do a trial before the wedding?

Of course! A bridal preview or better known as a practice or trial run is encouraged . I also encourage that it be scheduled on the same day that something else is going on. Like a bridal shower. So that the bride gets to enjoy her beautified self out somewhere.

There are so many factors that can go into what would look best on the bride for the day of. A balance of what the bride desires, how the hair will lay on the back, the straps, what shapes is it making to the eye. Will that style hold up in the weather, how clean or dirty the hair needs to be on day of. I take notes on the makeup colors used and what the bride would like to change if I am unable to change it right then. To me the trial run is the day to make sure what is imagined is truely what will look the best for the bride. It May not perfect that day but we found out what the bride truely does or doesn’t like.

7. What beauty products do you use and would you be open to the bride using her own make-up?

I use a whole variety of products from, CHI, Eufora, KMS, and Kenra. Typically my favorite product in each category. For makeup: urban decay, Mary Kay, morphe, and tarte, for the same reason. I am always open to the bride or any person of the bridal party wanting to use something of their own for makeup and even hair too. We are flexible and it’s not about us. We aim to please and if it makes said person more comfortable or confident, then we rather go with that product.

8. How can you make the bride's wedding makeup last and look good in photos?

To make the brides makeup last I use a foundation primer beforehand, Waterproof whatever I can, and finishing spray. I also have a method to madness, have a certain order of operation, and take my time between some steps so everything gets to set without creases. I constantly check close up, far away, precision, symmetry. To make sure it’s all blending and looking great.

9. How long will makeup take on the day and how long will you be staying for on the day?

The time block for Hair and makeup on wedding day is 2 1/2 hours. Sometimes it only takes and hour and a half but it’s always better to more time than not enough. Makeup alone I like to have at least an hour but prefer 1.5 so I can take my time and have fun also.

Typically we only stay on site just as long to finish the services booked. We can stay on for an hourly rate of $45/hour after that if desired.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

Our cancellation policy is a full refund of deposit if done before 60 days prior to special event date. Adjustments adding on or subtracting services can be done up to 48 hours prior. Subtracting services on the day of will result in the charging of the same price total.

If I have to cancel on the bride for any reason. Full refund is given period . This has Only has ever happened twice because I put my brides above everyone else during the season.



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