Lancaster Pa, PA

Discover the magic of wedding moments with Beats & Focus Entertainment & Media, a premier service based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Specializing in award-winning DJ, photography, videography, and photo booth services, they prioritize turning your day into an unforgettable story. With a heartfelt approach, they go beyond capturing images and melodies, focusing on the essence of love and connection. Serving diverse couples in Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and beyond, they skillfully weave together the intricate details of your special day. By seamlessly collaborating with your creative team, Beats & Focus ensures a harmonious blend of emotions, laughter, and tears, providing you with timeless visual treasures. Your love story deserves the best – choose Beats & Focus for an enchanting beginning to your forever journey.

Address: Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-413-5247

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Contact : Rachel Stauffer

Meet Ben, the passionate owner and filmmaker behind Agape Films in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A true local, Ben’s love for his hometown is as evident as his dedication to capturing life’s precious moments. From church gatherings to fitness pursuits, Ben’s diverse interests enrich his storytelling craft. Specializing in wedding videography, his vibrant personality and deep connection with people shine through, making each film a unique and heartfelt narrative. As a person of faith, Ben approaches videography with a genuine desire to serve, turning couples’ joyous moments into cinematic treasures. For an authentic, personal touch to your wedding memories, Agape Films is your go-to choice in Lancaster.

Address: Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-618-9350

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Contact : Ben

Introducing Bamboo Shoots Media, the visionary choice for wedding videography in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Founded by Mark Yang in 2015, this media powerhouse excels in weaving captivating narratives for both weddings and businesses. Mark, the heart and soul behind Bamboo Shoots, is a hopeless romantic dedicated to immortalizing your love story with passion and authenticity. Specializing in storytelling, they create a profound connection between clients and viewers, ensuring your vision comes to life on screen. With a promise of shedding more happy tears than your family members, Mark crafts timeless wedding films that guarantee endless enjoyment. Choose Bamboo Shoots Media for a wedding day covered by a true romantic, where every frame tells a cherished tale.

Address: Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-715-5054

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Contact : Mark Yang

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Reading, PA

Jonathan Ritenour, the creative force behind JR Videography, brings four years of passion and expertise to the world of wedding videography. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Jonathan is not just a videographer; he’s a storyteller dedicated to turning each wedding film into a masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates the love story of the couple. With a quirky and fun-loving approach, he captures moments that evoke genuine emotions – the tears, laughter, and cherished memories that make each wedding unique. JR Videography doesn’t just create films; they craft purposeful narratives that resonate with strangers and, undoubtedly, hold even more significance for the couples themselves.

Address: Reading, PA

Phone: 724-710-8662

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Contact : Jonathan

With over 26 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, JKM Productions stands out as a premier wedding videography and photography choice in Reading, PA. Acknowledged for their unparalleled quality and professionalism, JKM Productions earned a coveted spot in The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame. The dynamic husband-and-wife team, based in Lititz, Pennsylvania, brings a multi-angled cinematic approach to capturing your wedding story. Their technical innovation includes a proprietary pan and tilt remote control system and the use of drones for breathtaking aerial footage. JKM Productions strives to ensure a seamless collaboration with all wedding vendors, allowing couples to relax and enjoy their special day without a hitch.

Address: Lititz, PA

Phone: 717-569-4665

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Contact : Sandra

TLJ Studios in Reading, PA, transforms your wedding day into an unforgettable narrative with the power of video storytelling. With a remarkable 16 years of expertise, TLJ Studios is not just a videography service; it’s an artistic passion dedicated to crafting enduring memories for your special moments. Having documented nearly 1,000 weddings and corporate events, TLJ Studios focuses on delivering affordable yet priceless heirlooms. The commitment extends beyond capturing the event; meticulous planning and state-of-the-art equipment ensure no detail is missed. With TLJ Studios, you can relax and immerse yourself in the celebration, knowing that every second is being preserved to be revisited and cherished for years to come.

Address: Skippack, PA

Phone: 610-635-1133

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tom Johnston

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Philadelphia, PA

BeauMonde Originals is one of the most sought after wedding videography studios to be found in and around Philadelphia, a fantastic choice for local couples planning their upcoming wedding celebrations in the local area. BeauMonde Originals can offer aerial drone footage in addition to a ton of extra amenities that make the services at this studio especially luxurious. Up to twelve hours of video coverage can be purchased with BeauMonde Originals, with the possibility to add photography services and the services of an extra videographer.

Address: 3128 N 35th St Philadelphia, PA 19132

Phone: 215-435-1418

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Cathie

Look no further than Martin’s Wedding Videos for a wedding videography studio that can create an unforgettable and romantic product to cherish long after the wedding day. Packages with Martin’s Wedding Videos include such amenities as up to ten hours of wedding day coverage, up to two videographers, and a cinematic recap video with loads of special effects for a touch of cinematic flair. Photography and videography services can be combined, keeping multiple services under one roof when working with Martin’s Wedding Videos.

Address: 1500 John F Kennedy Blvd # 200, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 609-576-6601

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : John Martin

With nearing twenty years in the business, JPG Photo & Video is one of Philadelphia’s industry leaders. Joseph Gidjunis, the owner, uses his photojournalism background and skills to highlight the honest and genuine moments that you will always treasure. JPG has an impressive number of over 1500 weddings to their credit and their enthusiasm and passion for their job reflects in all of their wedding videos. Their wedding videography packages includes two videographers and a 3-5-minute highlight reel. Drone footage is also available by request.

Address: 180 Green Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone: 888-574-3686

Profile: JPG Photo & Video

Interview: 10 Questions with JPG Photo & Video

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Joseph Gidjunis

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Pittsburgh, PA

Founded in 2014, Penderville Wedding Films is a premium cinematic-style wedding videography studio in Pittsburgh. JT Penderville is the owner and lead cinematographer with years of experience in the industry. JT and his professional team go above and beyond and collaborate with other vendors to capture the day as it unfolds. They strive to summarize each wedding event in a unique, romantic, and fun way. Also, all their wedding packages include two videographers, up to 10 hours of wedding day coverage, professional audio capture, and professional reception video lighting. Talk to JT or his team to know about upgrades on their services.

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: (724) 466-0373

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : JT Penderville

Just Hitched Films is an award-winning, full-service cinematic wedding videography service. Established by Ariella Furman and Dana Custer in 2012, this chic videography service is famous for adding a modern touch to wedding films. They work with four professional wedding videographers who follow a fly-on-the-wall filming approach to shoot each moment from afar without spoiling any celebration. Ariella and Dana edit each wedding video personally to ensure a cohesive and consistent look. Additionally, this studio is best known for offering a highlight clip and two long-form video edits of your wedding ceremony and reception at the quoted prices, which set them apart. Hire Just Hitched Films to capture your special day and wait to receive cinematic, premium-quality, customized wedding videos.

Address: 276 N Balph Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15202

Phone: (412) 552-3010

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ariella Furman

Named after Carl S. Miller, Carl S. Miller Weddings is a photography and videography studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Miller, the owner, is a professional visual storyteller who can show your wedding day story through high-quality moving images. He has been documenting stories of true love and relationships since 2011. Miller strives to create wedding videos that take every couple through multiple emotions they felt on their big day. From teaser films to highlight films to signature films, the studio provides different offerings that present your relationship and feelings, not just your wedding. Check out their exceptional wedding videography work and talk to the team over the phone or in-person to discuss their services and pricing.

Address: 7514 Graymore Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Phone: (480) 648-9180

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Carl Miller

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