At Montoto Productions, Stephen, Ben, and Gabby have joined forces to bring their wedding videography services to weddings across New Orleans. Holding honors and awards from various wedding publications, the team at Montoto Productions certainly has impressed their clients, one of whom called their film “Oscar-worthy.” Inquire on their website for pricing and to see what the Oscar buzz is all about!

Address: 6221 Warrington Dr, New Orleans, LA 70122

Phone: 225-302-8023

Profile: Montoto Productions

Facebook: Montoto Productions

Instagram: Montoto Productions

Contact : Stephen Montoto

Dyle Films is a wedding videography company based in New Orleans run by a production team that shoots and edits weddings with cinematic flair. Highlighted for their quality work in all of the major wedding publications covering local videography businesses, Dyle Films offers packages measured by hours of coverage, ranging between 5 and 12 hours, and a variety of a la carte items.

Address: 6390 General Diaz St, New Orleans, LA 70124

Phone: 504-813-4183

Profile: Dyle Films

Facebook: Dyle Films

Instagram: Dyle Films

Contact : Chad Dyle

At Your Day Production, owner LaVina Bostock manages a team of professionals to provide wedding videography services in and around New Orleans. As seen on Love Stories TV and as highlighted in many wedding publications, the team at Your Day Production offers several packages for you to choose from. All packages contain a fully edited ceremony and reception, three cameras, wireless microphones, and more!

Address: New Orleans, LA

Phone: 504-273-0005

Profile: Your Day Production

Interview: 10 Questions with Your Day Production

Facebook: Your Day Production

Instagram: Your Day Production

Contact : LaVina Bostock

Bower Productions is a wedding videography company based in New Orleans helmed by Chad, a movie buff who carries that love for cinema into his craft. Accompanied by two camera people for full-day wedding coverage, the team at Bower Productions ensures that the wedding films they create will linger in their clients’ hearts and minds. Check out the Contact form on their website for pricing information.

Address: 5114 Cartier Ave, New Orleans, LA 70122

Phone: 504-239-9329

Profile: Bower Productions

Facebook: Bower Productions

Instagram: Bower Productions

Contact : Chad Bower

RZ Productions is a wedding videography company located in New Orleans headed up by filmmaker Russell Zimmerman. Zimmerman leads a team of professional videographers, using a cinematic technique to give their wedding videos a sense of majesty. This majesty is heightened by the incorporation of aerial drone footage, offered as a fundamental amenity in their packages.

Address: New Orleans, LA

Phone: 504-975-0817

Profile: RZ Productions

Facebook: RZ Productions

Instagram: RZ Productions

Contact : Russell Zimmerman

At Bride Film Cinematic Weddings, husband-and-wife team Chris and MaryClare collaborate to provide wedding videography services across the New Orleans area and, in some circumstances, across the country. Boasting accolades from the major players in the wedding publication industry, Bride Film Cinematic Weddings captures your wedding in a way that honors the event while adding a touch of grandeur and pomp to frame your memories. Quotes available upon inquiry through their website.

Address: New Orleans, LA

Phone: 504-487-0446

Profile: Bride Film

Facebook: Bride Film

Instagram: Bride Film

Contact : Chris & MaryClare

At Elevation Films, owner and founder Andrew brings a “timeless,” “story-driven” approach to his videography services, offered for weddings in and around the New Orleans metro area, with destination wedding services offered as well. With over a hundred wedding films shot, edited, and sent out to clients, Elevation Films has spread the rewards of their classic approach to scores of happy couples. Enquire online for pricing information.

Address: New Orleans, LA

Phone: 225-278-8118

Profile: Elevation Films

Facebook: Elevation Films

Instagram: Elevation Films

Contact : Andrew Benton

Studio Vieux Carre is a wedding videography company located in New Orleans owned and operated by veteran cinematographer Terry, her son Joe, and his wife, Jeana. With decades of practical experience under their belt, the team at Studio Vieux Carre offers packages starting at $3,500, but prices may vary depending on the slate of customizable options from which their clients can choose.

Address: 810 Union St #300, New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504-528-8888

Profile: Studio Vieux Carre

Instagram: Studio Vieux Carre

Contact : Terry & Joe

At Wedding Film Solutions, the videography team strives to bring both a professional and personal panache to weddings in and around New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houma, and Lafayette. Unlike many other wedding videography outlets, Wedding Film Solutions offers fully customizable packages so that you don’t end up paying for amenities that don’t serve your aesthetic preferences. Their packages include 8 hours of coverage, three high-quality cameras, and more. 

Address: 2215 Clara St, New Orleans, LA 70113

Phone: 504-264-3914

Profile: Wedding Film Solutions

Interview: 10 Questions with Wedding Film Solutions

Facebook: Wedding Film Solutions

Instagram: Wedding Film Solutions

Contact : Brandon Savoie

Nathan Willis Wedding Films is a wedding videography company based in New Orleans owned and operated by married couple Nathan & Alee. Featured in several prominent wedding magazines bringing local business into the national spotlight, the team at Nathan Willis Wedding Films offers cinematographic services in Super 8 format, bringing vintage back and adding a “timeless feeling” to their wedding films.

Address: New Orleans, LA

Phone: 864-905-6745

Facebook: Nathan Willis Wedding Films

Instagram: Nathan Willis Wedding Films

Contact : Nathan & Alee

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Although your wedding day can only stretch on for so long, a carefully crafted wedding video lasts forever. Imagine anniversaries spend reclining in your living room chairs, hand in hand with your spouse, rewatching and reliving the celebration over and over again as you grow old together. If that sounds like an appealing image to you, we hope you choose to invest in a wedding videography service for your New Orleans wedding!

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