Nikki, the photographer, and owner of Nikki McLeay Photography believe in the importance of authenticity in all the images that she captures. She aims to create a collection of wedding photographs that represents your genuine experience on your big day, so that every time you look at the images, you are transported back to the joy of your wedding ceremony.

She aims to provide you with a memorable experience and capture everything from the obvious moments to the little quirks that make the day unique and joyful. To her, capturing each detail that you chose to make your day special is important, because she knows how much work went into planning your wedding.

Photography Style: Contemporary, Natural, Traditional, Photojournalism

Price: Start at $3500

Location: 7630 Pacific Street, Omaha, NE 68132

Phone: 402-922-8771

Facebook: Nikki McLeay Photography

Instagram: Nikki McLeay Photography

Profile: Nikki McLeay Photography

Contact : Nikki

Molly and Joshua, the husband and wife team behind Ninety Six Oak, are passionate about creating photographs that are about you. They have more than 10 years of experience as wedding photographers and work to capture photographs that are a mixture of traditional wedding photographs and the more candid moments that make your big day so unique.

They are available for engagement sessions and are willing to travel worldwide for destination weddings. They know that you may miss some of the small moments on your big day when you’re caught up in the moment, and work to make sure your wedding photographs provide a glimpse into every second of your wedding.

Photography Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, Natural

Price: Contact for Quote

Location: Omaha, NE 68164

Phone: 402-321-6610

Facebook: Ninety-Six Oak

Instagram: Ninety-Six Oak

Profile: Ninety-Six Oak

Contact : Molly and Joshua

Madison, the photographer behind Madison Michelle Photography, works to create warm, cozy images of your big day that capture the raw and real moments of your wedding ceremony. She enjoys getting to know the couples that she works with, and is passionate about connecting with her clients. 

All of her packages come with a complimentary engagement session. She also knows the importance of making sure your family is a part of your wedding photographs and works with you to make sure no one is missed.

Photography Style: Natural

Price: Start at $2300

Location: Omaha, NE 68135

Phone: 402-650-5917

Facebook: Madison Michelle Photography

Instagram: Madison Michelle Photography

Profile: Madison Michelle Photography

Contact : Madison

Eric and his wife Marisa are the husband and wife team behind Guerrero Media Group. They believe in creating photography and videography that makes you cry in joy at revisiting your wedding day. They work to create content that is timeless and capable of bringing back the emotions that you felt on your wedding day.

Specializing in a vibrant, photojournalistic approach, they aim to tell the story of your relationship with your partner and create images that you will be proud to pass on to your children.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism

Price: Contact for Quote

Location: LaVista, NE

Phone: 402-205-4365

Instagram: Guerrero Media Group

Profile: Guerrero Media Group

Contact : Eric

Samantha has been capturing weddings since 2013 and knows your big day is one that you will cherish forever. She strives to capture all the facets of your big day, from the simple to the intricate. She loves photographs of all of the moments that make up the life you share together and aims to show how those moments are reflected in your big day. 

The services she offers include engagement shoots, a second photographer if necessary, and a willingness to travel for your wedding. She also makes sure to only book one event a day so that you are assured of her full attention on your big day.

Photography Style: Natural

Price: Contact for Quote

Location: Omaha, NE 68108

Phone: 402-281-9607

Facebook: Samantha Worthing Photography

Instagram: Samantha Worthing Photography

Profile: Samantha Worthing Photography

Contact : Samantha

Adrienne, owner and lead photographer at Adrienne Kay Photography, knows the importance of photographs to your big day. She has been in the wedding photography industry for more than a decade and works to help couples feel relaxed and at ease on their wedding day. 

She aims to make sure that she captures each moment of your big day, from the laughter of the bridal party to the ‘I Dos’ that you share with your partner. To her, your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and makes sure that her part in it lives up to your expectations, with images that you will be able to cherish forever.

Photography Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism

Price: Start at $3100

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Phone: 402-305-1163

Instagram: Adrienne Kay Photography

Profile: Adrienne Kay Photography

Contact : Adrienne

The team at Iwen Exposures has been creating wedding photographs that are meant to last lifetimes since 2000. They know that every couple deserves to have their weddings memorialized, and believe in capturing each wedding they work with a diligent work ethic and an inquisitive eye for detail. 

They know that being invited to be a part of your big day is an honor, and strive to make sure that your photographs reflect the trust that you are putting in them. Services they offer include multiple-location shoots, videography, and film-editing services, and more.

Photography Style: Film, Traditional, Photojournalism

Price: Contact for Quote

Location: 303 S 41st Street, Omaha, NE 68131

Phone: 402-490-3083

Facebook: Iwen Exposures

Profile: Iwen Exposures

Contact : Iwen Exposures Team

Jen, the woman behind Jennifer Mercier Photography, is passionate about capturing all the sincere moments that make up your big day. She focuses on candid photography and works to capture everything from the heartfelt vows you share with your partner to your joyful first dance. 

Services she offers include engagement sessions, a second photographer if necessary, and traveling for destination weddings if required. All her packages offer at least 6 hours of wedding day coverage.

Photography Style: Natural

Price: Contact for Quote

Location: Omaha, NE 68122

Phone: 402-282-8716

Facebook: Jennifer Mercier Photography

Profile: Jennifer Mercier Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Jennifer Mercier Photography

Contact : Jen

John Moler, the owner of John Moler Photography, believes that your wedding day should be a fun, easy, and effortless, and seamless experience for you and your partner. He aims to make your wedding day one on which you can relax and enjoy yourself, instead of stressing over the small details. 

He is passionate about documenting the smiles, joy, and tears of your big day, and creating a collection of images that create a narrative around your love story. He prides himself on his ability to create memories that are tangible and will be cherished by you and your family for years to come.

Photography Style: Contemporary, Natural, Traditional, Photojournalism

Price: Contact for Quote

Location: 306 S 24th St, Omaha, NE 68102

Phone: 605-430-2412

Facebook: John Moler Photography

Instagram: John Moler Photography

Profile: John Moler Photography

Contact : John Moler

Address: Omaha, NE

Phone: 308-380-1260

Social: Deana Coufal Photography

Contact : Deana Coufal

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Omaha, Nebraska, is a gorgeous spot to get married in. From the stunning views to the beautiful venues, there is truly something from everyone in the city. And the right wedding photographer will help you capture every moment of your big day, as well as all the details that you meticulously chose.

Each of the photographers on our list understands the importance of your wedding day and looks forward to working with you to create an experience that you will be able to remember forever. No matter the style of photographs that you are looking for, you will surely be able to find the person to trust your big day on our list.


Top five wedding photography destinations in Omaha

Omaha is famous for its history, museums, and cultural centers. The city offers a gradient of outdoor locations for a fun-filled and mesmerizing wedding photo session. If you are marrying in the summer, this would be an ideal place for a colorful wedding album.


1. Joslyn Castle

Joslyn Castle

This castle, better known as “Lyndhurst”, is a 1903 mansion located on 3902 Davenport St. It is open every first and third Sunday of the month. So, if you plan your wedding day on a Sunday, this place provides a unique place for clicking some nature pictures away from the city’s hustle-bustle. You can find several walking paths to click some simplistic wedding pictures. For a change, you can try the castle backdrop with exotic botanical plants. Birdhouses and bird feeding stations are placed throughout the castle grounds and provide a unique backdrop for your pictures.

Location style: Nature, Castle

Address: 3902 Davenport St.Omaha, Nebraska 68131

Social: Joslyn Castle


2. Heartland of America Park

Heartland of America Park

The Heartland of America Park, with its water fountain, holds a stunning panoramic view, best enjoyed during daylight. You can add an earthy tone to your wedding pictures with ease with this fountain as the backdrop. Choose to visit during sunny daytime to capture the mixture of blue and green in the ambiance. For some dreamy pictures, the late evening would be a great choice. This destination is one of the best for those who are planning a summer wedding. 

Location style: Park, Nature

Address: 800 Douglas St, Omaha, NE 68102, United States

Social: Heartland of America Park


3. Kenefick Park

Kenefick Park

Prefer nature with some unique backgrounds? Then this place will help you take some iconic pictures. It has beautiful scenery and is easily accessible by a set of stairs. Choosing the paved path to the right of the stairs will give your photographer some wonderful backdrops for the photoshoot. Enjoy the bright sun and photoshoot during the day and also get some stunning pictures at night with the wonderful lights.  

Location style: Architecture, Nature, Park

Address: 100 Bancroft St, Omaha, NE 68108, United States

Social: Kenefick Park


4. Missouri River Bank

This 23 acres worth of space is all about  relaxing, sitting back, taking stunning photos and admiring the views of the Missouri River passing by. You can have a perfect wedding album amid breathtaking displays featuring the river. The calming atmosphere of the place will give you beautiful pictures for your special day. You can hop on to the tram as well to click your photos. 

Location style: Nature, River


5. Chalco Hills

Chalco Hills Recreation Area is located in north-western Sarpy County, Nebraska, and is approximately 12 miles west of downtown Omaha. The place has an artificial lake which will give you some stunning pictures for your wedding day. With tremendous glimmer coming off the lake surface, the sunlight will provide you with some stunningly romantic photos.

Location style: Trails, Nature

Address: 8901 S 154th St, Omaha, NE 68138, United States


Omaha is a unique destination with a generous serving of exceptional landscapes and indigenous culture. It is possible to go with a misty look and cultural theme for your picture, all in one destination.

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