JIIK DJ Services is one of Omaha’s most prominent wedding DJ service providers, offering up a vast array of amenities for wedding celebrations across the local area and beyond. They offer a variety of packages for easy booking, including up to eight hours of emcee and DJ services lasting the entire event, photo booth rental, custom digital monogram projection, and dance floor lighting. They also offer wireless microphones for the ceremony and reception, custom online event planning account for easy communication, interactive video services through a television or projector screen, and more. For all of these services, JIIK DJ Services is an ideal choice of DJ company.

Address: Omaha, NE

Phone: (402) 415-9016

Social: JIIK DJ Services

Contact : Jeremiah Wilson

When it comes to musical entertainment for wedding receptions, no one in the greater Omaha metropolitan area does it quite like the team at Master DJs. With this DJ company, music genres available span from Arabic to classical, country to folk, disco to hip hop, and pretty much anything else in between. Boasting a variety of accolades and honors from various prestigious media outlets and wedding-focused publications, Master DJs has firmly established its track record as one of the best DJ service providers in the business. Their packages have sound equipment included and quality of service guaranteed.

Address: 2726 S 148 Ave Circle, Omaha, NE 68144

Phone: (402) 915-0512

Social: Master DJs

Contact : Tony Schmitz

Nothing can match the quality of the services for weddings on offer with Rebirth Entertainment, an Omaha-based DJ company. This business offers various services, including event lighting, photo booth rental, custom monogram projecting, and, of course, DJ and emcee services for wedding celebrations. DJ, sound, and LED dance lighting can be booked by the hour, with the option to add karaoke services, video screens and projectors, cake and decor pin spots, and much more to any package you choose. For the flexibility of their pricing and the quality of their services, Rebirth Entertainment is an ideal Omaha-based choice of wedding DJ company.

Address: Omaha, NE

Phone: (402) 819-9268

Social: Rebirth Entertainment

Contact : Jordan Jacobs

Ackerman Weddings and Events is one of the premier wedding DJ companies in and around Omaha, a perfect choice for local couples planning their upcoming nuptials. Packages offered include such amenities and offerings as DJ and emcee services, a state-of-the-art PA system, a microphone, and lapel microphones. They also offer ceremony PA, uplighting, and dance floor lighting, with the option for added wedding officiant services. These packages can further be tailored to exact client specifications for a fully customized experience, and playlists are guaranteed to be curated to the needs and requests of the couples with whom the team at Ackerman Weddings and Events collaborates.

Address: Omaha, NE

Phone: (402) 210-7010

Social: Ackerman Weddings and Events

Contact : Zach Ackerman

Look no further than DJ and Lights for some of the most elegant and skillful services on the market for musical entertainment and DJ services for wedding celebrations.  Packages at this business include an LED light stand, two full-range loudspeakers and a subwoofer, a light-up DJ booth, wireless microphones, and more. Up to 11 LED lights can be booked to create a gorgeous, unbeatable party atmosphere, DJ and Lights can tackle weddings ranging from large to small, bringing along their bespoke services and amenities, making them one of the very best DJ companies across Omaha and beyond.

Address: 17330 W Center Rd Suite 300, Omaha, NE 68130

Phone: (402) 707-2472

Social: DJ and Lights

Contact : Travis Dean

Image Entertainment is one of the most sought-after wedding DJ companies in the greater Omaha metropolitan area. Services at this business include intelligent lighting to give the dance floor a special look and feel, photo booths, and, of course, customized and individualized musical entertainment through a playlist of the happy couple’s favorite songs. The team at Image Entertainment will work closely with the clients in the lead-up to the big day to ensure that all of the best songs will be included on the playlist, from the first dance to the cake-cutting to the last song of the evening.

Address: Omaha, NE

Phone: (402) 515-3569

Social: Image Entertainment

Contact : Image Entertainment Team

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When it comes to weddings, very few things can beat an excellent DJ, who will take charge of the musical flow and vibe of the evening and ensure that every guest in attendance feels uninhibited enough to dance it out on the floor. Now that you and your partner have had a chance to glance through this list and examine it for any DJs who might particularly catch your interest, we hope that you feel free to establish a line of communication with one or more of these companies. After all, wedding vendors and service providers get booked up pretty fast, so it can never hurt to get your weekend secured with a company before it gets taken up by another couple. With all that said, we wish you the very best of luck as you continue planning out your upcoming wedding celebration in Omaha!

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