For the past fifteen years, Ashley and Jayson Edmonds, an immaculate husband-and-wife duo, have been chronicling remarkable moments all around the world. These Temecula wedding photographers have won multiple industry film awards and have been featured in several publications across the globe for providing a novel, accurate and cinematic experience for its couples. Ashley Bee Photography is renowned for its classic, elegant, and dramatic style, which is on full display in every shot taken. You can view, share, download, and order these exquisite photos as prints from an online photo album. You’ll be taken on a cinematic trip by the award-winning company as it captures the essence of your big day, whether it’s an engagement or wedding. 

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 951-216-3395

Facebook: Ashley Bee Photography

Contact : Ashley & Jay

Aside from the love of your life, photography and videography are perhaps the two most crucial aspects of your wedding. It’s imperative that you find that individual who most reflects your personality and style. The award-winning company has a modern and artistic approach to wedding photography that will uniquely capture your big day. They are a hybrid of photojournalism and fine art, able to re-create the feelings and memories of the occasion through their photos. Prodigy Studios offers custom pricing and packages tailored to fit everyone’s budget. These professionals vow to capture your wedding day in all its glory while telling the tale of your relationship.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 619-547-5496

Facebook: Prodigy Studios Photography & Video

Instagram: Prodigy Studios Photography & Video

Contact : Myong & Kim

Finding a wedding photographer that will feel like a friend with a camera and capture all of your special moments is one of the secrets to having both a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. With Easton Studio, you will find the most dependable and professional wedding photographers in Temecula. Since its inception, Easton Studio has provided stunning dramatic wedding images to hundreds of happy couples. They showcase your unique personality while seizing candid moments you weren’t aware of at the time. The packages and pricing are ideal for all budgets and surpass expectations! Each and every unique moment at your wedding will be captured by award-winning professionals.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 913-710-6358

Instagram: Easton Studios

Contact : Nancy Easton

Selecting the ideal photographer for your wedding is extremely crucial since you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Alex & Jana are a husband-and-wife pair of exceptional wedding photographers that take pleasure in their vintage, modern, dramatic, creative, classic, and story-telling style that highlights joyous, genuine moments. These award-winning Temecula wedding photographers will capture the essence of your big day through photos. Alex and Jana enjoy immortalizing a laugh at the perfect time or the fleeting smile that follows a joke. These moments can’t be fabricated or staged, and they strive to create an atmosphere that puts you and your spouse at ease from the moment of your proposal through rehearsal dinners, weddings, and receptions.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 949-466-4127

Instagram: Alex & Jana Photography

Contact : Alex & Jana

Photoquest Studio specializes in effortlessly capturing candid moments and emotions. Kevin is the chief photographer and founder of Photoquest Studio. He has proficiency in wedding photography, and his true love is in capturing important and spontaneous moments in the lives of his clients. Enjoy your special day, make lasting memories with your loved ones, and leave him to capture those priceless moments so you may look back on them fondly in years to come. Kevin provides a wide variety of packages for various budgets and occasions, from engagement parties to rehearsal dinners to weddings and after parties. He’s on a single mission: to capture and preserve for you all of life’s important moments.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 408-677-9420

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Contact : Kevin

The best method to pass down a precious moment like your wedding day is to have a video made and handed down as an heirloom. Everything else you do to prepare for your wedding is temporary, but the photos will last a lifetime. From 2013 till now, Nicholas has worked exclusively as a wedding photographer and filmmaker. He firmly believes that the finest images are taken when couples connect with friends and family. So all day long, he will capture everything that happens at your wedding, including candid expressions and spontaneous moments. You can be sure of an awesome, fun, beautiful, and spectacular photo album and exhilarating movie-like video recording afterward.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 760-485-9351

Instagram: Nicholas Gonzalez Photography

Contact : Nick

With this top Temecula wedding photographer, you can enjoy a memorable wedding experience that is purposely unique. Every image will showcase wonderful adventures, true emotions, and undying love for one another. With her expertise, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams that no one else will be able to replicate. Heather is always up for something fun, whether it’s capturing an engagement, a romantic honeymoon, an anniversary, or a wedding ceremony. There’s also an online image gallery that you can access, download, print, and share. It is linked to a high-tech print shop, allowing you to enjoy your day by looking at canvases, albums, and fine prints.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 949-697-9509

Facebook: Heather Anderson Photography

Instagram: Heather Anderson Photography

Contact : Heather

The videography and photography crews of Memories and Promises Photography (MnP) are composed of storytellers at heart. The two teams work in tandem to give you a one-of-a-kind visual experience that you will relish for years to come. Your vows, made the day you became husband and wife, will be captured forever in a photograph by MnP, who has been capturing weddings for several years. Since it is all about romance here, the company is particularly fond of elopements. It’s thrilling, satisfying, and tailored to fit every need and desire. These Temecula wedding photographers offer elopement packages customized to meet your demands so you can expect a picture-perfect day.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 949-463-1264

Instagram: Memories and Promises Photography

Contact : Sean & Shannon

A focus on natural and emotional moments is the hallmark of this award-winning candid and honest approach to photography. Elle loves documenting those special moments you could have missed, such as your crazy uncle dancing or when your mother wipes away her tears while you put on your gorgeous gown. Expect personalized packages so you can select specific preferences and a wedding timeframe, ensuring that you get precisely what you want! You’ll receive print and share rights, full-size, high-resolution photographs, and a sample gallery within a week of your wedding. Enjoy a custom-made photo timeline, and much more with your package so you have a perfect celebration.

Address: Temecula, CA

Phone: 662-854-0484

Facebook: Elle Lily Photography and Videography

Instagram: Elle Lily Photography and Videography

Contact : Lianna

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Your wedding photographer in Temecula will listen to your needs and offer a customized package, so your big day is perfect. With years of experience, awards for excellence, and prestigious publications, you can trust any of these Temecula wedding photographers to capture your ceremony and reception — and anything else you desire. From getting ready to waving goodbye, these professionals will use state-of-the-art equipment and a keen eye for detail to immortalize your wedding day with beautiful photos. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these Temecula wedding photographers and ask questions about packages, pricing, and availability so you can have the best day possible.

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