ByCherry Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography companies to be found across Santa Barbara and beyond, a fabulous example of what a professional photographer can do to add dimension and sophistication to the coverage of a wedding celebration. ByCherry Photography offers wedding packages that include the services of two devoted photographers on the big day, capturing the event from virtually every conceivable angle, resulting in a photo album that looks upon the event with multiple sets of eyes. Packages also include a private online gallery and unlimited retouched images, as well as photo booth rentals for the celebration.

Address: 309 E Micheltorena St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: 323-377-2320

Facebook: ByCherry Photography

Instagram: ByCherry Photography

Contact : Cherry

Look no further than Michelle Lauren Photography for a Santa Barbara-based wedding photography outlet staffed by a professional photographer, Michelle, who lends her professional touch to wedding ceremonies and receptions across the local area and beyond. Michelle Lauren Photography offers wide ranging photography services, including lifestyle, polo, fine art, and, of course, weddings. Wedding collections with Michelle Lauren Photography begin at $4,500, which includes six hours of coverage, with eight hour and twelve hour packages also available for booking. Packages include a customized approach, honoring the specific requests of the happy couple and integrating requests into the photographic style on the big day.

Address: P.O. Box 40905, Santa Barbara, CA 93140

Phone: 805-448-2534

Facebook: Michelle Lauren Photography

Instagram: Michelle Lauren Photography

Contact : Michelle Lauren

Lerina Winter Photo is a premier wedding photography company located in Santa Barbara, bringing a camera and a candid photography style to wedding celebrations across the local area and beyond. Lerina Winter Photo has been featured and awarded from some of the most reputable media outlets and wedding-centric publications in the country, ensuring that the services offered by this photographic outlet are of the highest standard of quality across the board. Lerina Winter Photo has been in business since 2011, photographing dozens of wedding celebrations across the years and creating memorable photo albums and online galleries for soon-to-be-married couples across Santa Barbara.

Address: 3463 State St Ste. 165, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone: 505-699-5916

Facebook: Lerina Winter Photo

Contact : Lerina Winter

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, Kelsey Crews Photo is a fantastic photography company located in Santa Barbara with an array of services provided to make wedding celebrations sparkle on the page. Kelsey Crews Photo offers wedding packages that begin at $4,000, with hourly rates and engagement sessions available separately. Kelsey is the lead photographer with Kelsey Crews Photo, and she has shared that her passion for wedding photography is grounded in a celebration of memory, an opportunity to bring events back to life through carefully curated and artistically rendered photographs that speak to the celebration as it actually happened.

Address: Santa Barbara, CA

Phone: 805-699-6232

Facebook: Kelsey Crews Photo

Instagram: Kelsey Crews Photo

Contact : Kelsey Crews

Malaya Images is one of the most elegant and sophisticated photography studios to be found in and around Santa Barbara, with the wedding services offering an artist’s approach to a ceremony and reception through photographs that will live on for years to come in an online gallery and photo album. Malaya Images is owned and operated by professional photographer Malaya, who is passionate about romance in all of its forms. As a professional photographer, Malaya considers herself a “source of calm” for her clients, ready, willing and able to step in at a wedding celebration to perform her job with an artist’s eye and a professional’s touch. For abundant offerings and a friendly face, check out Malaya Images in Santa Barbara.

Address: 604 E Cota St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: 310-909-3273

Instagram: Malaya Images

Contact : Malaya

Few local photography companies can match the elegance and beauty on offer with Pinnel Photography through a series of wedding photographs that speak to the romance of the event in or around Santa Barbara. Pinnel Photography categorizes weddings as an “essential offering,” with photography services effortlessly delivered and yet meticulously planned in advance of the event through consultations with clients to establish a mutual connection. Pinnel Photography creates lasting memories through photos that document moments of genuine interaction and nuance throughout the wedding celebration from start to finish. Amenities provided with bookings with Pinnel Photography include timeline coordination, tips and tricks, and an engagement session.

Address: Santa Barbara, CA

Phone: 805-319-9467

Facebook: Pinnel Photography

Instagram: Pinnel Photography

Contact : Juan Pinnel

Shannon Jayne Photography is a charming photography studio owned and operated by Shannon herself, a professional photographer who lends all of her passion and energy to the wedding celebrations she artistically captures. Shannon Jayne Photography shoots with all Canon SLR cameras and with an angle toward documenting stories occurring in real life and in real time. This means that the style and approach taken by Shannon Jayne Photography is grounded in a candid approach, rather than forcing stylized poses on the guests in attendance. Recognized by several wedding-centric publications and media outlets, Shannon Jayne Photography is a trusted source of wedding photography services in and around Santa Barbara.

Address: Santa Barbara, CA

Phone: 805-680-5862

Facebook: Shannon Jayne Photography

Instagram: Shannon Jayne Photography

Contact : Shannon Jayne

For wedding photography services tending to the needs and desires of couples planning wedding celebrations across Santa Barbara and beyond, check out local photography studio Sarita Relis Photography. Sarita Relis Photography takes an approach described as “friendly” and “discreet,” meaning that the lead photographer will be a fly on the wall during the ceremony and reception, capturing all of the little moments of interaction and celebration without making a show of the presence of the camera. This means that guests in attendance will not be thrown off, and that the resulting photos will represent the events of the celebration as they occurred.

Address: 2670 Puesta Del Sol, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone: 805-335-1485

Facebook: Sarita Relis Photography

Instagram: Sarita Relis Photography

Contact : Sarita Relis

Burgundy Blue is one of the most widely celebrated photography studios to be found in and around Santa Barbara, with a roster of former clients who speak to the high quality services received for their wedding celebrations. Burgundy Blue is staffed by a team of 17 photographers and editors, all of whom take a serious-minded approach to wedding photography, capturing the ins and outs of ceremonies and receptions across the local area and beyond. Burgundy Blue is owned and operated by real-life married couple Ryan and Jayna, who boast 15 years in the industry. For a large company with a trusted local reputation when it comes to wedding photography, look no further than Burgundy Blue.

Address: 1100 Anacapa St Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: 805-795-1616

Facebook: Burgundy Blue

Instagram: Burgundy Blue

Contact : Ryan

Few local photography outlets can match the high standard of quality on offer with Willa Kveta Photography, a fantastic choice of photographer for a wedding celebration taking place in or around Santa Barbara. Packages are easily bookable and purchasable with Willa Kveta Photography ,and these packages include such valuable amenities as planning assistance, location and timeline advice, sneak peek images, individually toned and edited images in a high quality digital gallery, unlimited image downloads, printing rights, and other such fantastic offerings. Packages can be compiled in line with bespoke client expectations, making for a fully individualized experience with Willa Kveta Photography.

Address: 420 E Carrillo St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: 805-633-4633

Facebook: Willa Kveta Photography

Instagram: Willa Kveta Photography

Contact : Willa Kveta

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top ten wedding photography studios to be found across Santa Barbara, California and beyond, we hope that you two have achieved a better understanding of what you should look for in a wedding photographer. Whether your event is a banquet hall reception in the heart of the city or a countryside destination flanked by endless sweeping views, you’ll enjoy the services of a wedding photographer who is ready, willing, and able to create unforgettable memories of your big day, taken from multiple angles and incorporating innovative styles into the process. With all that said, we wish you two all the very best of luck with your continued wedding planning process!

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