Jen Philips Photography is a wedding photography studio located in Napa with a ton of weddings under their belt and an unbeatable array of services for local celebrations. Jen Philips Photography can provide an array of convenient items and amenities, such as the services of two devoted photographers on the big day, an online gallery and a USB flash drive to access the high quality digital files and edited photos, a turnaround of four weeks, and consultations and planning services in advance of the celebration so that the happy couple can sit back and relax knowing their wedding will be skillfully captured by a true industry professional like Jen Philips.

Address: 1034 Clinton St, Napa, CA 94559

Phone: 707-815-8368

Facebook: Jen Philips Photography

Instagram: Jen Philips Photography

Contact : Jen Philips

When it comes to wedding celebrations across the Napa Valley and beyond, Rebecca Skidgel Photography can do just the trick. Rebecca Skidgel Photography is a wedding photography studio located in Napa, and she offers an experience that begins with an initial consultation to make sure that she’s available for the big day and that her personality and approach is a good fit with the happy couple in question. Rebecca Skidgel Photography can assist with the wedding planning process, answering any client questions and doing as much as she can to keep operations smooth and seamless. Typical turnaround time for wedding images is four to eight weeks, meaning couples won’t have to wait too long to relive their big day.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 530-503-5118

Facebook: Rebecca Skidgel Photography

Instagram: Rebecca Skidgel Photography

Contact : Rebecca Skidgel

Shannon Stellmacher Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography studios to be found across Napa and beyond, with its specialty being wedding celebrations in the Napa Valley wineries that line the landscape. Shannon Stellmacher Photography specializes in these winery weddings, providing services for “high end destination weddings,” micro weddings, and elopements in the local area. Weddings in Sonoma and beyond can also be accommodated with the employment of this luxurious local photo studio.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 707-631-0569

Facebook: Shannon Stellmacher Photography

Instagram: Shannon Stellmacher Photography

Contact : Shannon Stellmacher

A husband and wife studio located in Napa, Willow and Ben can offer up their expert services to prospective married couples across the Napa Valley and beyond. Willow and Ben have more than five years of experience capturing weddings ranging from small, intimate micro celebrations to gigantic bashes out in the winery fields and vineyards. With more than 120 weddings under their belt and a vast array of awards and honors from several wedding-centric media outlets and publications, Willow and Ben are a trusted couple with a fabulous reputation among couples in and around Napa.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 818-307-5636

Facebook: Willow and Ben

Instagram: Willow and Ben

Contact : Willow & Ben

Tim Halberg Photography is one of the premier photography studios located in Napa, staffed by Tim, who brings his experience as a photojournalist and commercial photographer to bear for wedding celebrations in the area. Tim Halberg Photography takes a style that is informed by his time as a photojournalist, meaning that the approach does not force or move, but rather capture as things really, truly are. This will result in a series of photos that use angle, perspective, depth, and light to create stunning images that will last couples long after their wedding day. Up to nine hours of coverage can be booked with Tim Halberg Photography, ensuring that every little nuance is skillfully shot.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 805-252-6097

Instagram: Tim Halberg Photography

Contact : Tim Halberg

For a local photography studio in Napa with a thoughtful artist’s angle on wedding celebrations in and around the area, Michelle Walker Photography is a great choice of wedding photographer. Michelle Walker Photography offers all-inclusive packages with a variety of services and amenities included; these services include up to 10 hours of photography coverage as well as a second photographer to double up on the fun; a 30 page wedding album physically printed and made in Italy; two 30 page albums for the parents of the happy couple; an engagement session; an online photo gallery; and access to all high resolution edited images.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 707-867-1650

Facebook: Michelle Walker Photography

Instagram: Michelle Walker Photography

Contact : Michelle

Check out Christophe Genty Photography for a local photography studio in Napa with a spotless track record in capturing wedding ceremonies and receptions based out of the local area. Born and trained as a photographer in Paris (France), Christophe moved to San Francisco in the year 2000 to pursue his love for photography in the Golden state.

Christophe Genty Photography provides wedding packages through which a variety of approaches can be taken; these approaches include a fly-on-the-wall style favoring an invisible style of interaction with the wedding party, a style guided by poses and guided shoots during which clients will be coached on looking natural and organic, and a cinematic approach that shows the wedding celebration as a sweeping, panoramic saga of romance and beauty.

Address: Napa, CA 94558

Phone: 707-258-8559

Facebook: Christophe Genty Photography

Instagram: Christophe Genty Photography

Contact : Christophe Genty

Lori Paladino Photography is one of the most highly skilled photography outlets to be found across Napa and beyond, specializing in shooting wedding ceremonies and receptions in the local area. Lori Paladino Photography has been in business for 12 years, and in this time, Lori has owned and operated the company and traveled around the Napa Valley to capture wedding celebrations through her unique lens and perspective. A second photographer can be staffed for a local wedding, and high resolution digital images can be presented to clients shortly after the celebration. Amenities include extra hours and physical art prints including albums, canvases, flush mounts, and matted prints, among other options.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 415-595-5674

Facebook: Lori Paladino Photography

Instagram: Lori Paladino Photography

Contact : Lori Paladino

Look no further than Blissful Stories Photography for a trusted local photography outlet with a fantastic reputation when it comes to capturing local weddings with an artist’s eye and a professional’s flair. Blissful Stories Photography captures weddings in and around Napa, with lead photographers Michelle and Paul ensuring that every little moment and interaction on the day of the wedding will be seamlessly and easily captured and printed. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled in advance of a booking to make sure that the team of photographers at Blissful Stories Photography is a good fit for the happy couple planning their upcoming nuptials.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 707-210-5723

Facebook: Blissful Stories Photography

Instagram: Blissful Stories Photography

Contact : Paul & Michelle

These award-winning storytellers are ready to document your love with professionalism, style, grace, and artistry. Art & Clarity Photography are creative experts behind the lens. They are passionate about capturing your joy and genuine connection so you can cherish your imagery for generations. These Napa wedding photographers specialize in surprise proposals, elopements, and weddings. Janna and Lowell are the top-rated team behind Art & Clarity Photography and have over three decades of professional experience. Expect high technical standards infused with dramatic light for an emotional impact each time you see your magical imagery. Ask Art & Clarity Photography about videography services for a complete collection of your love. They love destination weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagement sessions, and complete weekend coverage.

Address: Napa, CA

Phone: 707-257-1166

Facebook: Art & Clarity Photography

Instagram: Art & Clarity Photography

Contact : Lowell & Janna

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Now that you and your partner have checked out our list of the top four wedding photography studios to be found across Napa, California and beyond, we hope that you feel like you are ready to take this step forward in your wedding planning process! Booking a wedding photographer will free you up to think about all the remaining decisions you have left to make, and since the photographer is one of the most important aspects of a wedding party, we recommend that you make your booking sooner rather than later. With all that said, we wish you two all of our very best wishes as you continue with your wedding planning process and secure the services of your favorite local photography studio!

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