Do you wish to hear some weird facts about wedding flowers? Ancient Greek brides carried garlic in their bouquets to ward off evil spirits. Polish brides dust their bouquets with sugar to symbolize a sweet marriage. Regardless of what flower traditions are a part of your culture, you should be able to showcase it.

To help you do so, you should have a florist who can heed to all your requirements. Here are the top 10 florists in Columbus.

The Flowerman offers a ‘Do-It-Yourself” concept for wedding decorations. This concept is focused on making the couples choose the full-design, custom works, bouquets, and more. The team also offers a full-service design, where they will put together the right design based on the venue’s décor, dress, and others. Get started with a consultation.

Address: 761 Busch Court, Columbus, Ohio 43229

Phone: 614-935-5832

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Profile: The Flowerman

Contact : Steve & Jane

Griffin’s Floral Design is famous for its client-specific concept boosted with unique artistry and imaginative floral decorations with accent lighting, linen rentals, and more. You can enjoy a signature style to your wedding with distinctive designs and exciting decorations. The best element of Griffin’s is that these innovative elements come at a budget cost.

Address: 211 E. Livingston Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: 614-579-0309

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Contact : Russ & Sarah

Are you looking for eye-catching designs for your wedding? It is time to call Fezz & Hazel. It specializes in designing different wedding plans like micro wedding, traditional ones, elopement, and more. Fezz & Hazel’s ultimate aim is to trigger a sentiment or memory with flowers, texture, scent, and design. Thus, each design and style is different based on your preferences. How to get started? The company prefers to understand the event, like your preferences, venue, date, guest count, and others, as the first step.

Address: Columbus, OH

Phone: 614-329-7302

Social: Fezz & Hazel

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Interview: 10 Questions with Fezz & Hazel

Contact : Heather Hanselmann

Petals & Leaves offers a little more than floral decorations. They take pride in calling their service as a full-service wedding and event décor. They take care of flower decorations, theme settings, table linens, tabletop, lighting, and more. Who said unique and curated designs are just for stunning and grand weddings? Petals & Leaves shower the same enthusiasm for small weddings too. They offer both packages and an a la carte collection that you choose from.

Address: 1266 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43212

Phone: 614-785-9690

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Contact : Dee Conrad

The team at Dalay Ket Event Design believes in creating memories with weddings rather than showcasing it as a luxury event alone. Beyond an extensive collection of floral species, Dalay Ket Event Design looks for perfection by offering a boundless collection of candelabras, vases, and others that would suit a gradient of themes. The couple can sit down and choose the type of flower or design based on their liking. Based on those preferences, Dalay Ket Event Design offers additional suggestions on furniture, linen, graphics, cakes, lighting, wedding website, and any other element related to the event. This service also includes a design mock-up, site meeting, and an inspiration board.

Address: 801 Harrisburg Pike Columbus, OH 43223

Phone: 614-270-1604

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Contact : Dalay Ket

Brian Coovert has twenty years of experience in this industry. During this tenure, he has developed a balanced sense of creativity that includes a modern style that focuses on interior design, architecture, nature, and harmony. Do you want a leading florist catering to your wedding needs? Brian Coovert has been recognized by several publications like Modern Bride, Southern Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Flower World, and Traditional Home. His unique style comes from pairing floral beauty with texture elements in a creative approach, which is becoming a trend.

Address: 1149 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212

Phone: 614-607-0523

Social: Brian Coovert Floral Design

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Contact : Brian Coovert

Connells Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts started as a home business selling African violets. It turned into a greenhouse with more varieties of flowers. Today, this family business is run by its third and fourth generations with a multitude of floral options. Are you looking for decorations that last longer? Do you want a centerpiece that will capture everyone’s attention? Connells Maple Lee Flowers has a dedicated supply chain to cater to all of your wedding floral needs. So, if you think your fantasy wedding is too much to ask, you haven’t met with Connells Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts.

Address: Columbus, OH

Phone: 800-790-8980

Social: Connells Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts

Profile: Connells Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts

Contact : Gregory Royer

If you have a wedding style you prefer, Botanica Flowers has the right collection of flowers and décor for you. Do you have everything planned to the tee? Their florist team will make sure to convert your dream into reality. They have packages for all kinds of budgets and a full-fledged event service with their vast network of vendors. They believe in creating art at your wedding and not just arranging flowers. Their events coordinator will brainstorm with you for a detailed plan. If you have concerns regarding the budget, you can create an estimate with their budget calculator.

Address: 1600 Morse Road, Columbus, OH 43229

Phone: 614-975-6951

Social: Botanica Flowers

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Contact : Amy Ward

What are your wedding visions? Do you prefer a timeless classic decoration with roses and lilies? Do you wish to add some personalized touch with unique flowers and floral art that would form a beautiful backdrop? All inBloom Flowers has been in operation since 2004 and can customize every element of your wedding floral decoration to deliver a signature wedding. They have a team of staff working on different arrangement styles, making wild imaginations and international style possible, just as you prefer it.

Address: 7909 Station St. Columbus, OH 43235

Phone: 614-431-8844

Social: All inBloom Flowers

Profile: All inBloom Flowers

Contact : Steff & Suz

Fireside Floral Studio has a comprehensive inventory of options and species that allows you to shop by the flower, color, theme, and more. They have the right combination for vintage style, pastel color theme, or a vibrant modern style wedding, and the Fireside Floral Studio goes beyond roses, tulips, and lilies. They offer a wide range of indigenous flowers and international species. Or, you can always pick seasonal flowers for a fresh look. How is this possible for this family-owned business? Unlike most florists, they do not source every item from just a couple of vendors. They have tie-ups with local flower vendors, small businesses, and other event vendors.

Address: 1888 Hard Rd Columbus, OH 43235

Phone: 614-792-3334

Social: Fireside Floral Studio

Profile: Fireside Floral Studio

Contact : Loren Babcock

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Flowers can help make your wedding day into an event that no one will ever forget. Finding the right florists can make the day one that is truly memorable, and all the florists on our list are sure to be able to bring your floral dreams to life!

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