Florida is famous for several perennial flowers like bulbines, buttercups, blue dazes, lantanas, and more. If you’re planning a Jacksonville, Florida wedding, incorporating florals into your wedding can pose a challenge with the number of choices you have available to you. 

So, are you looking for a florist for your wedding? You should choose a service that is reliable, reputed, highly experienced, budget-friendly, easy to communicate, and creative. We have covered the vetting process for you and have listed the top 10 wedding floral specialists in Jacksonville.

Liz Stewart Floral Design takes pride in its unique floral arrangements. They guarantee that they will not follow some made-up pre-designed floral arrangements but sit down to plan a unique style based on your preferences and theme. How do they bring uniqueness to their design? They craft their artisan containers and vases to bring the richness of seasonal flowers. They also choose fillers with care like berries, pods, herbs, branches, and more. So, with Liz Stewart Floral Design, you get the freshness of local flora and the richness of international standards.

Address: 1404 3rd Street South Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Phone: 904-246-0016

Social: Liz Stewart Floral Design

Profile: Liz Stewart Floral Design

Contact : Liz Stewart

Kuhn Flowers knows the inside-and-out of perennial and seasonal flowers. Are you planning an autumn wedding? Do you have a theme in mind? Or, is your wedding binder from teenage filled with ideas? Kuhn Flowers has a large retail display of a gradient of designs and arrangements with flowers that are indigenous to North Florida. Yes, they focus on local farms because they believe in choosing only fresh-cut flowers for arrangements. No wonder they have been in business since 1947.

Address: 3802 Beach Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: 904-398-8601

Social: Kuhn Flowers

Profile: Kuhn Flowers

Contact : Marty Mcall

Anything With Plants is a unique florist that uses specially chosen plants to suit the venue. For instance, for an indoor venue, they prefer plants that grow in a low-light environment. Do you think orchids are too hard to procure for your wedding? Maybe you haven’t met Anything With Plants. They have a dedicated supply chain with local players allowing you to choose from various options like roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, sunflower, orchids, tulips, lilies, and others. If you do not have an idea, just share the venue details and get ready for some jaw-dropping designs and plans.

Address: 5040 St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: 904-398-9880

Social: Anything With Plants

Contact : Hillary Dolaher

Ruby Reds is an award-winning floral designer with more than a decade of experience and an interlinked vendor network that allows you to choose from a long list of options. They have been featured in several magazines, including 100 Layer Cake, Southern Weddings, Trendy Bride Magazine, and more. Ruby Reds Floral & Garden will help you realize that picture-perfect wedding that you have always dreamed of. With the experience they bring to your big day, you can trust that you are getting quality, variety, and creativity.

Address: 4228 St. Johns Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: 904-476-9282

Social: Ruby Reds Floral & Garden

Profile: Ruby Reds Floral & Garden

Contact : Bonnie Melin

They have a long list of options for you to pick from, but that is not the main reason why A Happily Ever After Floral is on this list. The specialty of this florist is customization. Every single detail and demand would be met. To make your wedding look like it’s been brought to life from the pages of a magazine, you need a perfectionist working on floral arrangements, and that is where A Happily Ever After Floral steps in. Did you know that floral arrangement can vary based on the style of your dress, color, and even ribbon choices? Let the experts handle it rather than some random guy with access to a couple of flower varieties.

Address: 4503 Irvington Ave, Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: 904-874-6553

Social: A Happily Ever After Floral

Profile: A Happily Ever After Floral

Contact : Kristin Hendrix Ivey

Are you looking for a luxurious option with exquisite designs, inspirational flowers, a variety of textures, and a welcoming look? In that case, Rose of Sharon is the perfect option for a florist. They start the arrangement and planning process at least six months before the wedding day so that everything can be perfect on your big day. They have over 30 years of experience and a long list of vendors to procure unique floral species to create an elegant and signature style for your wedding. After all, your wedding should be the template for your friends to follow when their time comes.

Address: 2319 University Blvd W, Jacksonville, FL 32217

Phone: 904-737-8655

Social: Rose of Sharon

Contact : Lynette Timblin Self

Beyond flowers and award-winning creativity, A Fantasy In Flowers also covers rental décor arrangements. Thus, you will have a wild assortment of decorations and arrangements for your wedding. The team is well-versed in handling high-profile weddings, and they have the knack to make every event more memorable with flowers. A Fantasy In Flowers is what you will get when you crossover a florist with an artist. The lead designer’s artistic experience will help add a unique look to the decorations.

Address: Jacksonville, FL

Phone: 904-268-7022

Social: A Fantasy In Flowers

Profile: A Fantasy In Flowers

Contact : Amy Scott

Are you looking for a traditional Floridian wedding? Or, do you have a trendy style in mind? Parkers Event specializes in bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, and wedding decorations. It is a small business, which is customer-centric and a budget option. Beyond flowers, they offer a creative look with decorative rental urns, flower vases, and other artistic pieces. Parkers Events is ready to accommodate even your wildest imagination with their gorgeous arrangement of flowers.

Address: Jacksonville, FL

Phone: 904-333-7509

Social: Parkers Events

Contact : Tammy Woodcock

Deerwood Florist is the one-destination-fits-all type of service provider. Their inventory has a wide variety, from luxurious rare species to seasonal local bouquets. Or, do you wish to decorate the venue with tropical plants, violets, and small garden ferns? Deerwood Florist has your dreams covered. The best part about choosing Deerwood Florist is the quality of products that makes the flowers stay fresh longer even if your budget is strict.

Address: 3837 Southside Boulevard #10, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: 904-641-9705

Social: Deerwood Florist

Profile: Deerwood Florist

Contact : Bert Williams

When you need a florist who can handle every whimsical desire of yours, you need one with an interconnected vendor network. The businesses with such a complex supply chain are usually not easy to talk to, unlike a friend-to-friend chat. As an exception to that, Seawalk Custom Floral has a dedicated supply chain, and the designers are very open to have a hearty conversation to understand your needs. There is no red tape in the entire process, and beyond that, their extensive inventory, endless creativity, and a happy attitude are added advantages.

Address: Jacksonville, FL

Phone: 904-554-0617

Social: Seawalk Custom Florals

Profile: Seawalk Custom Florals

Contact : Connie & Paul Estey

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Is it right to add some berries to your flower arrangements? Do you think orchids would be more apt to showcase your character? Well, flowers are easy to procure but hard to create art with. When it comes to floral arrangements, you do not need a florist but a floral designer with a child-like curiosity. The florists on our list are the best that the Jacksonville area offers, and they will ensure that your wedding day is truly one to remember.

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