Who doesn’t dream of having a fairytale wedding? However, your dream wedding would be incomplete without great music arrangement and a top-notch sound system. This can be made possible only by hiring a professional DJ for your big day.

A wedding DJ does not merely put on the list of your favorite songs or plays music on request. A professional wedding DJ plays an integral part in creating an atmosphere where everyone becomes a part of the event from the beginning till the end. Whether it is the couples’ family or friends, a wedding DJ will make sure that the party does not become boring and everyone gets on the dance floor.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 wedding DJs in Jacksonville, Florida, for your convenience. Choose the DJ which you think would be perfect for you and make your event come to life.

Philip Hart, owner of Music and Photo Booths, is one of the most sought after wedding DJs in Jacksonville, Florida. He firmly believes that the main purpose of his job is to make everyone happy. His collection of music is fun and entertaining and is bound to keep everyone dancing all day long. Contact Philip Hart today and discuss everything in detail.

Address: 13810 Sutton Park Dr N, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Phone: (904) 742-1220

Social: Music And Photo Booths

Profile: Music And Photo Booths

Contact : Philip Hart

With over a decade long experience in this industry, Feedback Entertainment surely knows how to get the party started. Jonathan at Feedback Entertainment will work closely with the couple and ensure that they discuss everything in detail before the big day. With detailed and impeccable planning, every couple is bound to get an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Not only that you can get a wedding package that is tailored to accommodate your budget. Make an appointment today.

Address: 6900 Philips Hwy #3, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: (904) 878-1848

Social: Feedback Entertainment

Profile: Feedback Entertainment

Contact : Jonathan

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Footloose Entertainment is what entertainment is all about. By hiring Kris Parnell as your wedding DJ, you’re sure to have a wedding celebration like no other. Hiring him is an extraordinary chance to dance to your favorite music with your loved ones while enjoying each and every moment. Footloose Entertainment will provide you with an experience that is worth every penny.

Address: Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: (904) 854-8014

Social: Footloose Entertainment

Profile: Footloose Entertainment

Contact : Kris Parnell

Kevin Tos at Party Solution Entertainment is yet another promising wedding DJ who has been entertaining and providing some great music to couples for a number of years. Going to a wedding that has Kevin as the DJ? Make sure that you bring your dancing shoes along with you. His extraordinary collection of music will keep you riveted, and you will not be able to resist moving to the beat. Contact Kevin today to get a tailored wedding package or email him and get a personalized online brochure.

Address: 5711 Bowden Rd #2, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: (904) 503 4668

Social: Party Solution Entertainment

Profile: Party Solution Entertainment

Contact : Kevin

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Jeff Bell at The Jeff Bell Experience is one of the highly recommended wedding DJs in the area. With a trained team of professionals, he has been a part of many weddings that can vouch for his professionalism and his ability to make your big day magical. His fun and creativity help him create a mix of catchy tunes that is enough to get people on the dance floor.

Address: 13810 Sutton Park Dr N, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Phone: (904) 888-6122

Social: The Jeff Bell Experience

Profile: The Jeff Bell Experience

Contact : Jeff Bell

Awarded Best of Jax by Folio Magazine in 2019, Mark Aria Entertainment has managed to carve a name for themselves in the industry. Run together by the husband and wife team, Mark Aria and Maddy are really passionate about their job. Being highly flexible and fun makes them a favorite among many couples. They will create a list that has songs for all ages. Don’t be surprised if your grandmother gets up to shake a leg on her favorite song.

Address: Staffordshire Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Phone: (904) 999-0627

Social: Mark Aria Entertainment

Profile: Mark Aria Entertainment

Interview: 10 Questions with Mark Aria Entertainment

Contact : Mark Aria

Providing top-notch wedding DJ service to every couple, Shade from 93rd Entertainment is a wedding DJ who always makes an extra effort to make your day special and memorable. From mixing up your favorite songs to playing the exact song at the right moment, you can rest assured that Shade will never miss a cue. Whether it is a romantic song to surprise the bride or a special song to celebrate the beautiful bond between the couple, 93rd Entertainment has got you covered.

Address: 10135 Gate Pkwy N, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: (904) 502-0766

Social: 93rd Entertainment

Profile: 93rd Entertainment

Contact : Shade

Jay Rock at A-1 Majestic Sound is one of the highest-rated DJs in Jacksonville, Florida. With more than 20 years of experience, A-1 Majestic Sound will make an extra effort to ensure that everything goes as planned. From setting up the music system, playing the music at the right moment to making everyone at your big event to dance. Even the people who are not fond of dancing will be forced to at least tap their feet to the unique collection of music.

Address: 1254 Mayport Landing Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32233

Phone: (904) 270-1966

Social: A-1 Majestic Sound

Profile: A-1 Majestic Sound

Interview: 10 Questions with A-1 Majestic Sound

Contact : Jay Rock

Vince at Music by Vince is a true professional who has a very cheerful and fun personality that makes music a form of love. The beautiful music created by him is both unique and specially made for each couple, as every couple has their own love story and taste. Hire Vince as your wedding DJ and make a difference to your wedding.

Address: 5554 Norde Dr W, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Phone: (904) 613-3703

Social: Music By Vince

Profile: Music By Vince

Interview: 10 Questions with Music By Vince

Contact : Vince

Address: Jacksonville, FL

Phone: 954-594-7604

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Contact : DJ Juanton

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Get ready to have a wedding of your dreams by hiring a professional and trained wedding DJ who will make your vision a reality. Each and every piece of music that is played on your big day will hold a special place in your heart, whether it is a romantic song played for the couple’s dance, a father-daughter duet, or the groom’s friends grooving on a quirky number. Your wedding DJ will make sure that each moment of your wedding becomes a sweet part of your memory.

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