FCM Entertainment is a live music and DJ business specializing in weddings and other special events. Also called Full Circle Melody, they have been serving Oklahoma and surrounding areas for years. The team will listen to your vision and use their expertise to help you bring your dream to life. Their goal is to make your wedding an exciting and fun experience for you and your guests with nonstop music. Book them today to enjoy your wedding and let them do the rest.

Address: 2037 Sierra St, Norman, Oklahoma City, OK 73071

Phone: (405) 345-9411

Social: FCM Entertainment

Profile: FCM Entertainment

Contact : Jared Valouch

OKC Mobile DJs is one of the leading wedding DJ services in the Oklahoma City Area. They have experience, music, lights and are always up to serve you for your wedding. With a mobile DJ set and a selection of more than 600,000 songs, the company has all the necessary tools to make your big day outstanding. Regardless of your wedding entertainment needs, contact OKC Mobile DJs now to use their exclusive services. Hire them to bring your big day party to life.

Address: 7501 Runner St, Yukon, OK 73099

Phone: (405) 514-6124

Social: OKC Mobile DJs

Profile: OKC Mobile DJs

Contact : Steven Cook

If you’re looking for DJ services for your wedding, consider contacting 405 Production. They are a premier wedding DJ business in Oklahoma. Established by Logan Pennington in 2008, they offer their couples professional and the highest quality mobile DJ services. The team will firstly talk to you to discuss your needs and make a plan to meet those particular requirements smoothly. They know what is required to make your event a success. Check out their wedding DJ services and gallery to have a little clarity on how they can make your wedding day fantastic.

Address: 1900 Northwest Expy #305r, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: (405) 300-1188

Social: 405 Productions

Profile: 405 Productions

Contact : Logan Pennington

Tom Sawyer Professional DJ Services is another famous DJ company in Oklahoma City, specialized in weddings. Every couple wants to make their big day perfect, and hiring this company as your DJ service can be your best decision. They have years of experience under their belt and follow an exclusive approach to meet different people’s taste on the floor. The team works together with other professional vendors and guests to help you exceed your wedding expectations.

Address: Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: (405) 517-0475

Social: Tom Sawyer Professional DJ Services

Profile: Tom Sawyer Professional DJ Services

Contact : Tom Sawyer

Austin Smith Events has become one of the well-known DJ services in Oklahoma. Founded by Austin Smith, this DJ business delivers premium DJ, sound, lighting, and special effect services in OKC and nearby areas. They provide all their customers with an enjoyable and exciting experience, leading to an unforgettable dance floor experience. The team’s concern is to talk to couples to figure out what they envision for their big day. They are genuinely passionate about offering top-notch services to meet or exceed couples’ and their guests’ expectations. Talk to the team of Austin Smith Events for more details.

Address: 4117 Rankin Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Phone: (405) 740-8750

Social: Austin Smith Events

Profile: Austin Smith Events

Contact : Austin Smith

M&M DJ Company is an award-winning DJ company in the Oklahoma City community with years of experience. They specialize in wedding music and entertainment. The team meets with couples to custom tailor their wedding DJ packages by going through each detail to create the magic. They have worked with countless couples to bring their vision to life. All their professionals are committed to making weddings stress-free so that couples can celebrate every special moment without any tension. Hire M&M DJ Company and let their professional team take care of all your wedding day needs.

Address: 800 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 528-3548

Social: M&M DJ Company

Profile: M&M DJ Company

Contact : Devin Long

Based in Oklahoma City, Advantage Sound is a team of wedding DJ specialists. Established by Andy Maroney, they have been offering their exclusive DJ and entertainment services to couples since 2001. With over two decades of experience in this field, Andy is an avid drummer, computer geek, and vinyl collector who strives to make weddings memorable for to-be-weds and their guests. If you want to know more about their entertainment packages, browse the website now.

Address: 3317 NW 62nd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (518) 225-5032

Social: Advantage Sound

Profile: Advantage Sound

Contact : Andy

Oncore Production is a premier DJ service, serving Oklahoma and surrounding regions with their exclusive services. All their professional DJs are dedicated to delivering an unsurpassed selection of music, songs, style, and experience. They have established a remarkable place in the area by offering consistently high-level music services, appreciated by their customers and fellow event experts. This DJ service shares a real passion for the art of DJing and can make your wedding event a highlight of the year with their high-end services. Visit the online portal of Oncore Production for other details.

Address: 8905 e NW 57th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73008

Phone: (918) 845-2795

Social: Oncore Production

Profile: Oncore Production

Contact : Aaron

DJ Pro Oklahoma has been entertaining weddings across Oklahoma City, OK, for years. They have a vast collection of popular songs and top-of-the-line digital equipment to suit each mood. The team regularly updates their music library with the newest edited Top 40, Rock, and Urban music. You can browse their music collection to search for your favorite songs. If you hire them, it is guaranteed that they will take care of all your requests properly. Book DJ Pro Oklahoma now for jaw-dropping entertainment on your special day.

Address: Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: (405) 749-2833

Social: DJ Pro Oklahoma

Profile: DJ Pro Oklahoma

Contact : Buff

All Out DJ is another award-winning, top-rated DJ business in Oklahoma. They have been working hard since 2014 to provide couples and their guests with a memorable wedding experience from start to end. Their professional DJ team knows how to establish a joyful environment at weddings, no matter the venue and event size. They have hosted countless wedding events in their career, making them one of the most knowledgeable and experienced DJ companies in the area. Go through their website thoroughly, check their calendar for availability, and book them now for your big day.

Address: Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: (405) 513-0764

Social: All Out DJ

Profile: All Out DJ

Interview: 10 Questions with All Out DJ

Contact : Austin Reed

Address: Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: 918-551-6721

Facebook: Banks Entertainment

Instagram: Banks Entertainment

Contact : Keith Banks

Address: 3308 S.E. 89th St. #335 Oklahoma City, OK 73139

Phone: 405-213-6737

Facebook: Yogi Motion Entertainment

Instagram: Yogi Motion Entertainment

Contact : David "Yogi" Vowell

Address: Edmond, OK

Phone: 405-293-2582

Facebook: Wheelhouse Productions

Instagram: Wheelhouse Productions

Contact : Joel Mosman

Address: 3101 Troon Street Oklahoma City, OK 73072

Phone: 405-609-9980

Facebook: BTP Productions

Instagram: BTP Productions

Contact : DJ Jeremy Miller

Address: 329080 E, 936 Rd, Luther, OK 73054

Phone: 405-328-0160

Facebook: Opus Entertainment

Instagram: Opus Entertainment

Contact : Josh Smith

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This is a quick list of the top 15 wedding DJs in Oklahoma City, OK. The information we have mentioned about these DJ services in this post gives an overview of their services. If you want to know more about them, consider going through their business websites one by one. Compare all aspects and choose a DJ company that suits you the best in entertainment and budget.

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