Address: 11900 N Council Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Phone: 405-603-7673

Guest Capacity: Up to 250 guests.

Facebook: Rose Briar Place

Instagram: Rose Briar Place

Contact : Sharon May

Address: 2412 N Olie Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Phone: 405-838-1460

Guest Capacity: Accommodate 50 guests.

Facebook: The Olie Gathering Place

Instagram: The Olie Gathering Place

Contact : Candice & Dan

Address: 6009 NW Expressway Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Phone: 405-503-5809

Guest Capacity: Up to 250 guests.

Facebook: Northwest Event Center

Instagram: Northwest Event Center

Contact : Lonnie Smith

Address: 12 E California Ave Ste 300 Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Phone: 405-698-1757

Guest Capacity: Up to 225 guests.

Facebook: Skyline on Bricktown Canal

Instagram: Skyline on Bricktown Canal

Contact : Michelle Ferguson

Address: 5201 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: 405-641-3711

Guest Capacity: Up to 200 guests.

Facebook: The Capitol View Event Center

Instagram: The Capitol View Event Center

Contact : Jennie Bruning

Address: 41 NW 144th Cir, Ste B Edmond, OK 73013

Phone: 405-608-0342

Guest Capacity: Up to 150 guests.

Facebook: The Hamilton Event Center

Instagram: The Hamilton Event Center

Contact : Jennifer

Address: 820 N MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Phone: 405-942-6133

Guest Capacity: Up to 250 Guests.

Facebook: Castle Falls

Instagram: Castle Falls

Contact : Amy


Address: 333 W Sheridan Ave 50th floor, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Phone: 405-702-7262

Guest Capacity: Up to 240 guests.

Facebook: Vast

Instagram: Vast

Contact : Vast Team

Address: 608 Riversport Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Phone: 405-552-4040

Guest Capacity: From 50 to 200 guests.

Facebook: Boathouse Vows

Instagram: Boathouse Vows

Contact : Kimberly Kavanagh

Address: 6701 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Phone: 405-436-0009

Guest Capacity: Up to 250 Seated Guests.

Facebook: La Bella Event Center

Instagram: La Bella Event Center

Contact : La Bella Event Center Team

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