Atlanta, GA

This team of experienced and professional wedding DJs is committed to making your reception number one with music that keeps both you and your guest moving. Their vast knowledge of popular and past music is sure to exceed your expectations. This, coupled with their understanding of people and ability to make the two work together, makes them real crowd-pleasers. Included in their packages is everything you need to spice up your wedding celebration and get it going. 

Address: 480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: (770) 876-9248

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Contact : Rylan

Combining talent with cutting edge equipment, Radial Entertainment will work with you to make the entertainment dreams for your wedding a reality. Providing phenomenal DJs, musicians, A/V services, lighting, and sound, they work to ensure that no detail of your memorable night is overlooked. They will have your dance floor packed all night, seamlessly transitioning between emotional and tender to crazy dancing, to nostalgic blast, and back to a warm, slow dance. 

Address: 730 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone: (470) 208-1533

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Contact : Topher Taylor

DJ Sloan is a full-time wedding entertainer specializing in making receptions unique and unforgettable by telling the couple’s story through music. She accomplishes this by playing music that shows your vibe customized with edits and remixes to make it truly special. The music played will be customized to highlight your taste, traditions, and culture. You and your guests will be kept entertained and dancing without groovy jokes and forced group dances as she seeks to make your day unforgettable and entirely about you.

Address: Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 317-8566

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Contact : Sloan Lee

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