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10 Questions with Matt Ames

1. Introduction: What's your story?

A career in radio lead me to start out as a mobile DJ when I provided services for a co-worker's wedding, followed by the weddings of other mutual friends, and then started actively taking bookings. I provided DJ services for another circle of friends' weddings, and everything has just grown from there. Each wedding and any other event I DJ has a lot of fun and exciting times. I love working with people and helping them get their party on!

2. What's your experience as a wedding DJ? How many weddings have you done?

I have DJed somewhere around 50 weddings, and I look forward to adding a lot more to that list! I have been a DJ since 2008 and worked in radio for 10 years, so I really know music and I also have a great sense of what to play to add to a wedding or other event.

3. How far in advance do couples need to book your services?

I really like to receive bookings within 2-3 months notice, at minimum, but life happens and I understand that. In 2022, I accepted a DJ booking for a wedding with four or five days to prepare due to some unforeseen circumstances. If I have the availability and feel I can provide a great experience in enough time, I'll want to do what I can to make it happen.

4. What's your rate? What does that include?

My minimum rate for a wedding is $900, which includes up to four (4) hours of DJ and MC services for the reception (includes dinnertime), as well as dance floor lighting. I add the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour to that (and subsequently up to two more hours of service) in my next package up for $1200, which is my most popular package. From there, I add the wedding rehearsal and a playlist for the rehearsal dinner in my third package, which is $1500. My a la care rate for service is $200/hr. Custom packages are also an option if one of the set three aren't a great fit.

5. Are you available to travel if needed?

Yes, and I love to travel! There will be some additional charges for this, but I'd love for you to contact me about a non-local wedding!

6. How would you describe your style?

I focus a lot on my quality of service and attention to detail while still knowing how to have fun and helping make a great time for clients and their guests.

7. What's your backup plan if there's an equipment malfunction? Do you bring backup equipment?

I have a an additional speaker I bring, and have multiple means of playing music should something happen to my laptop or DJ controller. We'll get through it with as little interruption as possible.

8. What's your sick day policy?

If I can't make it due to illness, I will issue a full refund within 60 days after the event date (unless other arrangements are made). I will also try my best to get you everything you need, including a substitute DJ if there is one available. If my clients need to postpone due to illness, I will accommodate the new date if there is one and I am available. If there is not a new date, a refund of any amount aside from the retainer will be refunded within 60 days after the event date (unless other arrangements are made).

9. How do you motivate a shy crowd to dance? What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

If the crowd won't dance, I try to get them singing and moving their hands and feet at their seats first. I also find that many times those who are a little hesitant to hit the dance floor for faster songs may still slow dance. There are also songs people like to gather on the dance floor and belt out, such as "Don't Stop Believing." Once people get to moving a bit, there tends to be more dancers on the floor.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

A retainer of 1/3 of the total is due within 15 days of receiving the invoice, and this is nonrefundable. All additional payment is subject to refund up to 14 days before the first or single date of the event. Anything outside of that, such as if another shelter-in-place order or previously-addressed illness, is addressed in my contract to the client.



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