Over the Rainbow Desserts

Enjoy a slice of heaven at a renowned dessert bakery in Coachella Valley, celebrated by local and national sources for its exceptional wedding cakes and desserts. Handcrafted from scratch daily in Palm Springs, this bakery delights with its commitment to freshness, often selling out due to popular demand. While they cherish serving their customers, it’s important to note that this bakery isn’t an allergy-free environment but takes every precaution to cater to those with dietary restrictions. With a wide array of ingredients, including dairy, eggs, and nuts, they encourage communication regarding any food allergies to ensure every treat is made with care. For those planning their special day, quick response via email ensures your wedding cake order is as seamless as the flavors are rich and satisfying.

Address: 1775 E Palm Canyon Dr STE 150, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Phone: 760-322-2253

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Roman Blas

Sherman's Delicatessen & Bakery

Indulge in the rich flavors and traditions of a New York-style family restaurant with a landmark reputation in Palm Springs. Since 1963, this beloved deli and bakery has been delighting locals and visitors alike with an extensive menu that spans from breakfast to deluxe dinners, all reminiscent of a classic New York deli. Their bakery shines with a promise of endless cake choices, including cream-filled, double chocolate, carrot, and more, all baked fresh daily. Under the dedicated ownership of Sherman Harris’ children, Sam and Janet, the establishment continues to honor a legacy of exceptional food and service. Whether it’s for a wedding or any special occasion, their cakes and baked goods are made with care, ensuring each bite is as memorable as the moment.

Address: 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone: 760-325-1199

Social: Facebook

Contact : Sam & Janet

Cake & Cakes

Cake & Cakes, founded by Yamir Pérez, a former architect turned baker and confectionist, brings an innovative approach to wedding cakes in Palm Springs. After being inspired by the culinary arts, Yamir transitioned from a career in design to creating exceptional desserts. This bakery stands out for its commitment to using seasonally fresh, high-quality ingredients from California, crafting flavor and aroma pairings that offer an unconventional dessert experience. With a focus on natural beauty and taste, Cake & Cakes introduces new collections each season, incorporating edible blossoms and gradually introducing vegan options. Orders require 2 – 3 weeks’ notice, promising a personalized and imaginative touch to every wedding celebration.

Address: Palm Springs, CA

Social: Instagram

Contact : Yamir Pérez

Pastry Swan Bakery

Get the taste of perfection for your special day with a bakery that has been sweetening weddings in Palm Springs and Coachella Valley for over 25 years. Known for their expertise in custom-designed wedding cakes, this family-run bakery takes pride in creating elegant, fun, and modern cakes tailored to every couple’s preference. Offering a vast selection of flavors, fillings, and frostings, all made from scratch with the finest ingredients, they ensure your cake is not just a treat but a memorable part of your celebration. Complimentary tastings and consultations make the journey to your perfect cake as delightful as the bakery’s creations. With accolades like “Best of the Valley,” their cakes have graced magazines and TV, making them a celebrated choice for any wedding event.

Address: 70-225 CA-111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Phone: 760-202-1213

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Pastry Swan Bakery Team

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Your wedding cake is more than just a sugary treat; it’s a delicious memory waiting to be savored. Imagine the laughter and cheers as you slice into a creation that perfectly embodies your love story, its flavors a delightful surprise for every guest. 

With this guide, you’re one step closer to finding the baker who will transform your dream cake into a reality.

Remember, the perfect cake isn’t just about looks, it’s about taste too! Don’t hesitate to schedule tastings – after all, indulging in delicious samples with your fiancé(e) is a pretty sweet perk of wedding planning. 

So, trust your instincts, savor the flavors, and find the baker who will create the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Because let’s face it, happy taste buds lead to happy memories, and that’s the sweetest gift you can give yourselves and your guests on your special day.

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