Unlike most of the photoshoot destinations, Shelby Farm Park is not a monotonous themed one. You can get a variety of backdrops like lakes, open fields, small woods, and a few rural structures. If you are trying for something adventurous, you can try a few clicks near bison herds. Please try and cover the Woodland Conservancy Park too. It has some wetlands, woods, and lakes for more natural shots.

Style: Urban Park

Address: 6903 Great View Dr N, Memphis, TN 38134

Facebook: Shelby Farm Park

Contact : Shelby Farm Park

It might sound ironic to take a wedding photoshoot in the middle of the Martyrs Park, but it would add a unique look to your album with those sculptures and the blooming magnolias. If you are planning a February – June wedding, the magnolias will be in full bloom. The pink hue would add magic to your pictures. Beyond these, you will have a backdrop worth a million bucks – the Mississippi River with her two bridges.

Style: Waterfront Landscape, Memorial

Address: Channel 3 Dr, Memphis, TN 38103

Facebook: Martyrs Park

Contact : Martyrs Park

Some prefer a unique element that would make their wedding pictures Instagram-worthy. If you are one such couple, try the hidden beauty of Wolf River Greenway. It is a nature-rich destination suitable for those who want some secluded surroundings. If you are ready for some adventure, hire a paddleboat, and the entire river is your backdrop. Remember that you might end up messing your white dress during this photoshoot. It is 36 miles of trails, hardwood forest, bottomlands, and more for you to paint your wedding album as you prefer. For more nature-filled photoshoots, try Overton Park in Midtown Memphis.

Do you prefer a boat-themed wedding photoshoot, but not too much of nature? Try the Memphis Riverboats that offer dinner cruises. Choose the classic paddlewheel steamboats for luxury wedding photoshoots.

Style: River, Conservancy, Trail

Address: Wolf River Conservancy, 2693 Union Avenue Extd., Ste 205, Memphis, TN 38112

Facebook: Wolf River Greenway

Contact : Wolf River Greenway

Downtown Memphis sounds like a very vague destination. But, choose any rooftop, and you can get a classic-style photoshoot with aerial views. The best place that is trending among young couples is the Peabody Hotel with its massive rooftop. It is the only place in Memphis where you can take an aerial picture with the duck palace in the backdrop. For some variety you can try the River Inn of Mud Island or Hu Hotel. For some nostalgic-themed pictures, try the Beale Street Entertainment District.

Style: Entertainment Hub, Downtown City

Address: 114 N Main St Memphis, TN, US 38103

Facebook: Downtown Memphis

Contact : Downtown Memphis

If you are planning a traditional wedding, the best way to compliment your dress would be an urban setting backdrop. South Main Arts District has the right combination of photogenic sites, iconic buildings, public art pieces, and more. Also you can’t miss posing in front of The Arcade, Earnestine and Hazel, or the Central Station hotel. Sometimes, they allow couples to click a few pictures inside the hotel but do not get your hopes high.

Address: South Main St. between Beale Street and G.E. Patterson, Memphis, TN

Facebook: South Main Arts District

Contact : South Main Arts District

Address: 1914 Poplar Ave #202, Memphis, TN 38104

Contact : Overton Park Team

Address: Memphis, TN

Contact : Beale Street Landing Team

Address: Memphis, TN

Contact : Big River Crossing Team

Address: 101 N Island Dr, Memphis, TN 38103

Contact : Mud Island Park Team

Credit: Maddie Moree

Address: Memphis, TN

Contact : I Love Memphis Mural Team

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Experts recommend taking a full day tour across Memphis to get a variety of shots. After all, Memphis is a cauldron of multiple destinations and unique fashion elements. Top iconic spots are Heart Bridge Crosstown, Mud Island River Park, Elmwood Cemetery, Summer Avenue, Memphis Pyramid, and more. If you are planning a late evening shoot with the setting sun then try the Big River Crossing for some premium look.

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