Shopping for a wedding dress shouldn’t have to be a stressful experience. So many aspects of the process of planning a wedding celebration can be deeply overwhelming, from selecting vendors to negotiating fees to picking out a planner who can execute the details and coordinate the logistics of the big day. But picking a wedding dress? That should be fun, effortless, and enjoyable!

To help you enjoy the process and make the most of the big decision that lies ahead of you as a bride-to-be, we’ve collected this list of the seven best bridal salons in and around Memphis, Tennessee! With this list, you can select between some of the most gorgeous, elegant bridal salons to be found in the local area and beyond, and on a visit to one of these showrooms, you’ll be treated to the bespoke services of a bridal consultant who can help navigate you the dress selection experience. We hope that you enjoy sorting through this list, and we wish you lots of luck in finding the perfect bridal salon for your upcoming wedding dress purchase!

The Barefoot Bride is one of Memphis’s premier bridal salons, providing local brides-to-be with some of the most elegant dresses on the market. Appointments are required in order to visit the showroom, where brides-to-be, and up to 4 guests, will be guided around by a dedicated stylist and will have the opportunity to sample and select from a vast array of wedding gowns. 

Four to six months should be allowed as a lead time for most gowns, meaning that the selection and purchasing process for a wedding dress should be initiated at least nine months before an upcoming wedding date. Dresses off the rack can be discounted up to 80%, perfect for brides looking to stretch their wedding day budget as far as possible. Sizes available at The Barefoot Bride range from size 0 to size 30, fitting body types of all kinds.

They have over 2500 off the rack gowns in addition to gowns that can be ordered. Brides are assisted by their personal gown whisperer and have a bridal suite which comes with a 60″ smart tv to include virtual guests.

Address: 516 Tennessee St Ste 28, Memphis, TN 38103

Phone: 901-481-6906

Social: The Barefoot Bride

Contact : Joelle Scholl

At Gloria’s Bridal & Formal, prospective brides can select between a vast array of designer dresses available for purchase. Appointments should be scheduled prior to visiting the showroom. They typically last one to two hours and come with the individual attention of a bridal consultant to answer any and all questions while fitting brides in a wide catalog of dresses to their exact specifications and requests. 

Designers in stock at Gloria’s Bridal & Formal include Stella York, Beloved, and more. Alterations can be accommodated on-site, ensuring that the wedding dress will be fit to match the exact shape and size of the bride-to-be. Tracy, the expert seamstress on staff, boasts 20 years of industry experience tailoring dresses to individual brides to create the perfect wedding day look. 

Address: 3092 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111

Phone: 901-767-1500

Social: Gloria's Bridal & Formal

Contact : Gloria's Bridal Team

Nicole Barré Bridal Boutique is a boutique bridal salon based out of Memphis, offering wedding dresses of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Gowns are priced between $2,000 and $6,400and come in sample sizes between 10 and 12. Appointments must be booked before a visit and guarantee the assistance of a dedicated bridal consultant to aid with the purchasing of a wedding dress and accessories, including veils, headbands, earrings, necklaces, and more. 

Brides can be accompanied by up to 6 guests during their appointments, and complimentary champagne is on offer for all gown appointments. It is recommended that gowns be purchased at least nine or ten months prior to an upcoming wedding date, as the usual lead time for a gown with Nicole Barré Bridal Boutique is six to eight months, and time for alterations must be folded into the waiting period.

Address: 4574 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38117

Phone: 901-351-1414

Social: Nicole Barré Bridal Boutique

Contact : Nicole & Kevin

Maggie Louise is one of the most sought-after bridal salons in and around Memphis, staffed by a team of dedicated stylists who can assist brides-to-be in the process of finding and purchasing the wedding dress of their dreams. It is recommended that gowns be purchased nine to twelve months before your upcoming wedding date, as the lead time for a standard dress at this salon is four to six months. Additionally, alterations themselves could take up to two to three months to execute. 

Appointments must be made in advance of visiting the showroom and come with the services of a consultant to guide brides through the process. Gowns range between $1,750 and $10,000, with the majority of special order gowns falling around $2,500 to $4,500. The less expensive gowns tend to be the off-the-rack options, ideal for brides looking to save a little where they can. Sample gowns range from size 6 to 14. Plus-size dresses can be made available in sizes 16 to 20. Alterations can be accommodated by any number of recommended local seamstresses, with pricing ranging between $400 and $600. 

Address: 3670 S Houston Levee Rd #111, Collierville, TN 38017

Phone: 901-316-5397

Social: Maggie Louise

Contact : Molly & Eric

With the services of the team at Unique Boutique and Bridal, brides-to-be can rest assured knowing that they’ll have no trouble locking down a wedding dress that speaks to their exact tastes, preferences, and specifications. An appointment must be made prior to a visit to this salon. 

Staffed by a team of industry experts who lend their studied resources as wedding dress professionals to a wide variety of soon-to-be brides shopping for the perfect wedding dress, Unique Boutique and Bridal a number of luxury bridal collections. These include Ashley & Justin Bride, Christina Wu, Morilee, Bill Levkoff, Da Vinci, and more. This salon is a great choice of bridal salon for prospective brides to find, sample, and purchase their ideal wedding gown.

Address: 2726 Bartlett Blvd, Bartlett, TN 38134

Phone: 901-383-1544

Social: Unique Boutique and Bridal

Contact : Donna Lewis

Ballew Bridal is a boutique bridal salon located in Memphis, well-stocked with some of the most sumptuous dresses around. They are only open by appointment, meaning that slots should be scheduled in advance of a visit to the showroom. Open for business since 1980, this salon is a Memphis mainstay, providing local brides with bespoke service and artful gowns by designers such as Casablanca, Essence of Australia, Allure Bridal, House of Wu, Mori Lee, L’Amour, Christina Wu, Julietta, and many more. Additional offerings include bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, tuxedos, and flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses. You can also shop for accessories, including jewelry, veils, headpieces, with designers such as Bel Aire, J. L. Johnson Bridals, and Giselle on offer.

Address: 547 W Poplar Ave, Collierville, TN 38017

Phone: 901-854-6400

Social: Ballew Bridal

Contact : E-Ling Ballew

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With all of these unbelievable options on the table for bridal salons from which you can select and sample elegant wedding gowns, there’s no time like the present to get a move on and initiate the beginning of the wedding dress shopping experience! We hope this list has provided you with a helpful resource to assess your needs and desires for your wedding gown and schedule appointments, and book time with some of the devoted staff at these boutique bridal salons. 

With the help of a stylist and the advice of your closest loved ones, friends, and family, you’ll have no trouble securing the wedding dress of your dreams. We wish you tons of luck as you continue to navigate this tricky, labyrinthine process as you go about purchasing an absolutely gorgeous gown that fits you like a glove, and we wish you the very best of luck with the rest of the wedding planning process!

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