How to create your free listing on WeddingRule? | Wedding Rule

How to create your free vendor listing?

Signup using your email address

The first step to create your free listing is to signup via our Vendor Signup page.

Set up an easy to remember password with at least 10 characters required.

Already created your vendor account? Login here or visit WRLOGIN.COM

As soon as you signup using signup form, you will be redirected to the your newly created vendor dashboard account.

Create your listing via the Vendor Dashboard is a quick 3 step process 1) Create your profile 2) Add details to your listing 3) Article selection. Each of these 3 steps are described in detail below:

Step #1: Add details to your vendor profile

On this page, add your contact details such as your first name, last name, phone number etc. You can also add links to your Facebook, Instagram and other social media business profile pages.

Step #2: Add listing

In this step, add details such as your business name, a description text describing your business, your address and images to be added to you listing’s gallery etc.

Step #3: Select Article

This section should show you a list of article in your state, select the article you would like our editorial team your business in future updated of our top 10 or top 25 wedding vendor articles. Press the “submit” button to complete your registration process.

If you do not see any options to select in step #3, simply press submit and our team will automatically consider your business for one or more of our top 10 or top 25 wedding vendor articles.

After Submission

Once you’ve completed the 3 steps, our team will then review your profile and make your listing live within 4 weeks.