Weekend Wedding Warrior


You plan it.
We make it happen.
We offer one service and do it very well –

Wedding Coordination!

We’re the master of one trade, not a jack-of-all.

Weekend Wedding Warriors are the logistics experts. We don’t plan your wedding for you, but we do execute it on your behalf. That way you, your family and friends aren’t stuck working and can enjoy your wedding to the fullest! So, you plan the perfect wedding, and we’ll make sure your special day runs smoothly.

This company was created not long after the founder’s own wedding. Maggie Heely, like many brides, thought she had everything under control – and did, until the actual wedding weekend! Despite her careful planning, Maggie realized at their rehearsal that everyone was still asking her where to go and what to do. What she really wanted was to just relax and enjoy being a Bride!

You should be able to both plan your wedding and enjoy your wedding day. Let the professionals at Weekend Wedding Warrior handle the logistics of your wedding so you can focus on what’s really important…Getting Married!

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Maggie Heely



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