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Over time, we learned that our passion was to craft the words that unite couples in a memorable way. We feel that many people lose site of the fact that it is the ceremony that is the gateway of your special day and sets the pace, tone, and feeling for the day. For this reason, writing and delivering the words we craft for you is both our focus and passion. In other words, the ceremony we craft for you creates and captures your moment because we believe that in years to come, you should not have to look at a photograph to remember the moment but rather it will reside in your and your spouse’s memory forever. is dedicated to creating joyous ceremonies that symbolize your love. The promises you make to each other will be the defining moments for launching the dream and vision for your new life together. For each Bride and Groom, the wedding day, should always be a day to remember, a day to cherish forever, a day that will set the two of you on your life’s journey that will be based on the love the two have for each other. Dr. Spencer Gaines is passionate about creating the moment that is memorable, heartwarming, and entertaining that will be so meaningful to the two of you while breaking away from the boring, cold, and cookie cutter ceremonies that many a guest has had to sit through.

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