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At the anti bride, we focus on creating events that celebrate thoughtful, unique and purposeful design.

We believe weddings should be fun, original and beautiful without feeling overdone or unoriginal.

We specialize in organic-inspired floral design combined with well-curated details that are carefully designed to represent each couple we serve.

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  • A k
    A k wrote a review December 9, 2022
    The most stressful part of my wedding was the wedding planner

    The AntiBride is a wedding planning service that offers a number of options to include - planning, inventory of decor, florals, makeup and day of coor...dination….pretty hard to pass up. I want to share my personal experience to help future brides make the right choice for them.

    I hired Britt McClogan and the Antibride team in 2020 for my planned 2022 wedding. We were lucky enough to have no impact due to COVID. In the beginning, Britt was great - very responsive and engaged.

    My trust in The Anti Bride shattered due to a chasm in communication when I sent time sensitive emails on 5/19, 5/22 & 5/23, 6/4 and 6/10. Texts on 5/16, 5/27, and 6/14; in the texts I recognized their request to not text Britt’s personal phone however the failure to reply in email, and the non existent office number lead me to text out of desperation. (On every website Britt’s cell is listed with 24/7. ) Facebook and IG messages were sent on 6/15 and 6/16. The only reason I got a reply was I completed a request as if a new customer request in their website! The reply I got (“Hi Ashley! I saw your inquiry email come thru but none of your other messages are in my inbox - I’m looking through everything now via Hallie’s inbox / email! “) failed to acknowledge any lapse in communication, the multiple methods of communication attempted or any accountability. Shortly after we had a 2 hr meeting with Britt - the owner of the company - no apology was provided, no reason given, no attempt to resolve any loss of trust. We were so close to the wedding we couldn’t start over - we took full advantage of all of the services offered in the seemingly perfect one stop shop.

    The timeline was an issue. After another 2 hr
    meeting, it was clearly communicated Britt would circle back with the vendors to share
    the timeline and collaborate on any adjustments that would need to be considered. None of my vendors heard from Britt by phone or email. This lead to confusion and frustration among all of my vendors, they having completed their own timeline unaware of any master timeline to work from. The timeline was also delivered late after no communication once again.

    The manner in which Britt presents her opinion or perceived expertise fails to acknowledge the conversations I had with other vendors, what’s more important to us as a couple and that we may not WANTED to do things in a traditional order for our own reasons of not enjoying that agenda in multiple other weddings. They are after all The ANTI bride, we were hopeful some non traditional thinking would be welcomed. It was apparent to me that after giving her opinion and I didn’t agree or wanted something different she seemed disappointed and at times inflexible.

    Two weeks before my wedding I was lied to about the makeup artist backing out last minute. She had, in fact, communicated months before but I was told 2 wks before my wedding day with no options but to use the backfill they presented with no real chance to do a trial since I lived 4 hrs away.

    But in the end, after the gap in communication that delayed our invitations and the gap in communication that delayed our timeline, I was sent an email questioning my trust in The Anti Bride a few days before my wedding. This underlined the fact that the most stressful part of my wedding planning was dealing with my wedding planner. As if I didn’t have enough going on, that email was inconsiderate and untimely.

    Shannon and Jenna (day of coordinators) were amazing, if I were them I would jump ship and go to a more reputable wedding planning company. They both were absolutely incredible and none of my previous comments reflect on them. Any other company would be lucky to have them. The florals were stunning, I would recommend the floral design to any bride. The manner in which we were handled as clients by the business owner is the sole reason I would recommend all brides look for a different wedding planner.

    Date of wedding: 10-22-2022

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