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I am Leigh Fischer, the proud owner of and florist behind Posies Floral Co.—which is actually the flower shop I worked at in high school. Yup, little did my 16 year old self know that in 5 years and right out of college, I would buy the business where I spent my summers. Twenty-something years later, I feel lucky that this season of my life has been so long!

My father always said, “If you find a job that you aren’t watching the clock, you’ve found what you’re meant to do.” And, I couldn’t be happier that I wake up every day and do what I love. Because, what’s better than the feeling you get when you give (or get) beautiful flowers? Okay, maybe baby snuggles or margaritas, but I really do think that the work I get to do is special.

So, if you’re obsessed with coffee creamer, aren’t afraid to be seen with someone who loves her minivan, can’t carry a tune but will sing at the top of her lungs anyways (or if you don’t), I’d love to spread some joy with you.

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