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Price Range $1500 - $5000


We care about your wedding night just as much as you do. We’re here to create a remarkable and memorable experience for your family and friends.

Team of wedding entertainment specialists promises to make your wedding a fun experience by ensuring the mood is set with the first dance and then raising the roof when the time for dancing has begun. They know just how to combine the energy required to have an electrifying dance floor with professionalism to ensure that the execution is flawless. They offer years of experience in successfully entertaining couples and their guests. Besides providing great music, they also offer sound and light services, smoke machines, indoor snow, photo booths, party cannons, and more.

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We are a team of DJs dedicated to helping couples produce and amazing wedding experience. Our entire team comes from a nightlife/club background so when you choose One Night Entertainment you are getting party rocking entertainers. Without sacrificing the needs associated with producing a wedding.


At One Night we don't have any forms or online portals. For us that means your weddings has to fit in a box or form. So instead we meet with all of our couples in person. We call it your Entertainment Consultation. It gives you a chance to grab coffee or drinks with your DJ, build a relationship, and plan out the wedding. In that meeting we'll cover all of the major details and formalities, but we'll also discuss your overall music vision. After the meeting we'll type up everything we discussed, creating a timeline. We'll send it to you and your fiance to edit and tweak over the next few weeks. Once you're done, send it back, and we'll be ready to go!
Because we are a team of DJs that book multiple events on a given night, you can either Reserve your DJ personality from the day you book or we'll assign one around the 30-day mark. The Reservation Premium is how we allow clients to lock in a particular DJ. All of the DJs at One Night are amazing, with strong relationships with venues, planners, and other vendors who often refer them personality to new clients. Thus it becomes extremely difficult for us to pick and choose what events we will spin. Thus the Reservation Premium. This is not something you have to do, if you opt out of choosing a particular DJ we'll assign one once we know more about your music and event needs.
Not every wedding has a ceremony that needs a DJ. Some couples get married at a church or have a small private ceremony followed by a reception. So instead of including it in all of our bookings, if you need us for the ceremony you'll need to add that to your reception package choice. Our ceremony package is a complete solution to all of our AV needs. We'll mic up the Officiant and the couple. We also will play the Seating Music (30 minutes before), processional and recessional songs. Some couples have live instruments or songs sung, we'll connect with those performers and help them with their audio needs. Finally we also provide a signal for your videographers.
We do! Check out our vimeo. However weddings videos are filmed and shot with the couple in mind. So at best the DJ may get a cameo. The only thing you'll be able to gather from a video of us, is we real humans that perform at weddings all the time. So if you truly want to see us play come visit us at the bars or clubs we play in all over Atlanta.
Most of our couples choose the Ceremony + Crescent Moon. The Crescent Moon includes dance lighting which is vital for the transition from dinner to dance party.


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