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Mitchell Gaston Films is a wedding videography service based out of Indianapolis, IN. My goal is to create a timeless portrait of each wedding I shoot, so that years later you can revisit your wedding day and feel those same feelings you had when you walked down the aisle, said “I do”, and danced your fist dance as a married couple.

I’ve always loved playing with a video camera. I spent the majority of my teenage years making goofy videos with my friends, neglecting important things like homework. When I got the opportunity to film my first wedding I fell in love instantly — a love almost as strong as the couple getting married that day. If I’m not filming a wedding I’m probably watching a movie, or doing something really safe and responsible like knitting. Beside me in that picture is my girlfriend Kayla. She likes to help me film weddings from time to time, and is a real cutie.

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