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Hiya, I’m Michelle

My work focuses on the actions we take to show how we care and love for each other. I cherish all types of human connection, and believe that our most precious memories deserve to be preserved in a way that personable and true to us.

No matter the type of wedding you’re planning, it should be documented in a way that is intimate, beautiful, and true to the your story. That means more than just the decorations, but all the giddy laughter and ugly cries in between.

I try to spend personal time on the front end to get to know each of my couples. What it is that motivates you, what it is that captivated you about your partner from the beginning to now. So, let’s grab a coffee or drink and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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Absolutely! I'll gently guide you into poses while also doing just about whatever I can to make you and your partner laugh. The two big tricks are not being afraid to be a little silly and just loving on your partner during the session. Basically, I'll handle the camera angles and poses, you just bring the love and laughter.
Absolutely! I cherish all types of human connection. The big thing for me will be finding out the ways that you and your partner love each other. That's my favorite part.
All the photos have color correction and skin tones smoothed a little. I don't believe in altering body shape in images. I'll happily remove flyaway hairs, blemishes and fix bra straps upon request.
Weddings take about 8 weeks. I offer rushed delivery for a fee depending on the busyness of the season.
We keep almost everything online through our online booking portal. You get your own log in where you can go and make a payment via ACH, credit card. If you need different accommodations let me know and we'll see what we can work out. And, YES, there are payment plan options upon request!


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