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Planning your wedding isn’t always easy to do alone. McKenna Katherine Weddings is a full service wedding planning company designed to create your day exactly how you imagined it. My amazing team works hard to make sure you can enjoy your special day and be in the moment. Our combination of creativity and attention to detail makes our services well known. So, let’s grab a glass of bubbly and begin planning!

Meet Kenna, Owner & Designer!

I’ve always had a deep passion for planning, I believe that every wedding day deserves to be special. With this philosophy in mind, I founded McKenna Katherine Weddings. My team works day and night to guarantee that your celebration will be filled with unforgettable moments. I was taught early on in my career that customer service is the key to every successful event. I promise to give you the wedding of your dreams and the special day that all your guests will rave about.

I have always been obsessed with being organized and my creativity will make your event unique and best yet, totally stress-free. Making forever memories and keeping in mind your personal style is my forte.

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  • Lori M
    Lori M wrote a review August 18, 2023
    Wedding “Planner”

    I have given McKenna a 1 star only because I was unable to give her a 0. She was the "planner" for my daughter's wedding which turned out beautiful b...ut only due to our own efforts. My daughter paid for the full planning package and barely got the day of service. McKenna did very little leg work for the wedding, my daughter made all of the contacts and arrangements. The day of the wedding was almost as pathetic, the bridesmaids and I were running around most of the day trying to take care of last minute details when we should have been enjoying the day with the bride. She was not only unprofessional in her actions, her appearance was not what I would consider appropriate for a wedding; she was dressed in a tank top and what looked like yoga pants. She and her large crew of one (her little sister) did not arrive in time to help set up but she sure had time to run around and take pictures to later post on social media. Much to my surprise I looked for McKenna after dinner and she had already left, I guess not truly surprised as she was not very invested in the wedding. My middle daughter was married a year ago in Flagstaff and had a much less expensive wedding planner who was there from the time we arrived until she helped us pack up our cars after the reception was done. She was not a full-service planner but even helped her up to the wedding way more than McKenna helped as a full-service planner. If you are looking for a stress-free wedding by a planner who will take charge and make sure everything gets done McKenna is not the girl for you. I honestly wish she would not have shown up that day as everything would have gone just fine, maybe even better, as I was told we did not walk down the aisle in a coordinated manner. Plus, she left the presents and cards (thousands of dollars worth) outside in an open field instead of taking them inside before she left, which was part of her “service”. Her biggest contribution was picking up the Crumbl Cookies my daughter ordered, which she refused to do at first as she apparently does not have a license to handle food. I assume that is why she was not able to set the cake out for our guests. She was a total waste of money and did nothing but add stress to an otherwise perfect wedding.

    Date of wedding: 04-01-2023

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