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Hi! I’m Marla, and I’ve always had a love for photography. What started as a way to document my travels has turned into a passion for creating and capturing memories, to freeze moments in time for those in love. I create intimate, film-inspired images for you and your love to treasure so that you can always come back to these moments. I’d love nothing more than to talk to you about what I can do for you on your wedding day!

Vendor Profile - Marla Manes

Marla Manes


Because I love love, and I love celebrating love! What could be better than getting to join a couple on the happiest day of their lives? To receive the honor of documenting such a beautiful occasion, and take photographs that will be treasured for generations to come? The photos I take will outlast me and my business, and I take that very seriously. I create this art for you, and for you to share with those you love.
In a word; varied. I take many candid shots, but can assure you we'll get the classic poses in there, too! Throughout the day, my shooting has a bit of a documentary feel; I capture the memories in time, as they are.
Timeless! I edit your photos true-to-color with tones that are inspired by film to ensure they'll never go out of fashion. I'd call my style bright and vibrant.
Yes, of course! I have connections with excellent vendors around the country that I've worked with previously, or found through reliable contacts.
I'd go anywhere with you, dear! Let me know where you're dreaming of and I'll get you a custom quote! Feel free to check out my travel schedule to see where I'm headed, sans travel fees


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