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Love Blooms offers the convenience of many vendors within one company. We can virtually do it all. We offer event design, full service coordination, wedding planning, custom floral to fit your budget and theme, chalkboard art, décor rentals and full installation set up and tear down. Our goal is to help you achieve your every wedding dream while making the planning process stress free. You can choose to hire us for all or just one! Whatever your need we are here to help!

We care about quality customer service and work with every client to ensure their dream becomes reality. Love Blooms is based in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area and thrives on attention to detail and creativity. We provide quality services for a fraction of the cost.

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Katrina Allen


10 Reviews for Love Blooms

  • Brendan H
    Brendan H wrote a review June 28, 2023
    They have everything and MORE!

    Love Blooms was perfect for our wedding! They were able to answer any questions we had when preparing for the big day. The variety of items the could ...provide was so helpful. We even saw they had lawn games! Katrina was great to work with and would totally recommend their services!

    Date of wedding: 05-27-2023

  • Tori D
    Tori D wrote a review March 16, 2023
    Makes your dream real!

    Made my wedding absolutely magical. Would 100% recommend for any event!

    Date of wedding: 01-22-2023

  • Abby J
    Abby J wrote a review March 4, 2023
    Talented florist, easy to work with!

    Loveblooms was great to work with. I feel like Katrina understood and captured my vision with the floral design. All of the arrangements were very ful...l and good sized. I was very grateful for her flexibility with returning some of our vase rentals that ended up getting put in the wrong car, and therefore took a bit longer to return. The flowers were gorgeous in general, however a few flowers did looked like they had been a bit sun damaged. I would recommend booking her for your event, just make sure any little details are in your proposal notes. For example when I first emailed Loveblooms I mentioned wanting my bridal bouquet to be a cascade style, but I didn’t clarify that in the notes so I received the typical hand tied bouquet. It was still gorgeous, looked great, and it wasn’t a huge deal. However if you are a bride or event planner that wants everything perfect, be specific with your proposal notes. My only true complaint is that I ordered flowers for decorating our wedding cake. The inspiration photos I sent included dozens of colorful blooms and greenery so I felt like we were on the same page with what would be needed for the cake to tie it in with all the other florals and decor. However on the wedding day all I received was six plain white roses. Luckily the other floral arrangements were so full, we were able to steal flowers from them for decorating the cake. Had I known all I was going to get was half a dozen white roses I would have made an alternate plan, and with that specific item I sadly don’t feel like I got what I paid for.

    Date of wedding: 08-18-2022

  • Nicole K
    Nicole K wrote a review September 30, 2022
    Terrible planning, beautiful florals

    I worked with Love blooms for both their wedding planning and their florals. For planning, we went with the partial planning and worked with the Kat...rina (the owner). I mainly went with partial planning because we booked a venue where we needed to go out of our way and find all the vendors. I did not want planning to be my full time job, and I wanted someone that would help me with budget as well as take any of the day of tasks away from friends and family. Honestly, I was very disappointed with the planning process. Her job was to find me vendors, then I would contact them to see if it was a good fit and book them. It took Katrina a long time to get me a majority of our vendors, which meant we were left with vendors that were not ones she had worked with, too expensive, or the last option left for our date. She took multiple vacations during a very crucial planning time. It made the planning process very stressful because we never felt fully prepared for our wedding day. When it came to our day of planner, they were someone that was never apart of our planning process. I honestly don’t think she was given any good information about our vendors and plans for the day of from Katrina. Our day of person was so sweet, but even she said that Katrina should not have made a lot of the decision that she did. One big issue we had was when Katrina set up our rentals, she set it so that we were responsible for picking up and returning. This included all the different plates, linens, wine glasses, beer classes, and much more for a 175 people wedding. We were unaware of the responsibility until about 2 weeks out when it was too late to switch for them to deliver. My family had to rent a uhaul and worked even harder unloading and loading than the event staff that Katrina had us hire. I never wanted my family to do any heavy lifting and that was one of the first points I made clear to Katrina. In our initial meeting of figuring out if we should hire her, she made a lot of promises that she could not keep when it came to our vision. I was extremely disappointed, and honestly feel bad for our day of planner for having to deal with the horrible planning that was set up for her to take over.

    I’m regards to their florals, they were beautiful. Beyond what I imagined. Only issue was that my bouquet was too big where I actually could not hold it with one hand. Feels like a silly issue to have. It was very expensive, but ended up being Gorgeous.

    I would not recommend their planning services. But, they do a good job with florals if you’re not on a tight budget.

    Date of wedding: 07-09-2022

  • Samantha S
    Samantha S wrote a review September 13, 2022
    Amazing!! Would highly recommend!

    Love Blooms was incredible to work with! We had originally planned and signed an agreement for our big day in 2020 and it ended up being smaller due t...o the pandemic, Katrina was willing to work with us to adjust as necessary and set us up for success on our wedding 2.0 a year later. She was extremely progressional and had awesome recommendations as well as catered to my vision to put our day together. We used their day or coordination, Kimberly as well and they both were so easy to work with, worked well with the other vendors, and a lot of fun! The arrangements were Beautiful and held up for a week and a half post event! Would highly recommend to work with love blooms for floral, decor rental and coordination!

    Date of wedding: 09-05-2021

  • Jessica F
    Jessica F wrote a review July 6, 2022
    Sickly, wilted, yellowing flowers. Poor communication. Unprofessional.

    My husband and I hired Love Blooms for our wedding in Seattle. We chose this florist because they were recommended to us by our reception venue and th...eir reviews are mostly positive. Unfortunately, we are very disappointed in how things went and we will not be recommending their services to others. There are many talented florists in the Seattle area and my one regret is that we didn't hire someone else.

    The Bad:
    * Bridal bouquet - I was honestly devastated when I arrived at the ceremony venue and saw the bouquet for the first time. I'll provide a photo so you can see just how drastic the difference is between what we asked for and what we received. The photo of the bouquet I wanted was even copied on our contract. On 4/25/22, I emailed Katrina and asked how much it would cost to recreate a cascading bridal bouquet from a photo. The bouquet was made with white flowers and accented with long, green, curling vines (photo attached). She provided me with a quote to recreate the bouquet, which I agreed to. On 5/26/22, Katrina emailed to confirm which shape I wanted for the bouquet, saying: "Just want to make sure I make it exactly like you want:)". I re-shared the photo of the bridal bouquet and confirmed I wanted the cascading shape. The bouquet that I received was round, not cascading. The flowers were wilted and yellowed. I'll admit it was a muggy day which may have contributed to the wilting, but the water they were potted with was green and filmy (visible in the photo I'll attach) which leads us to believe they were not well cared for and were in a poor state before they were delivered. There were three small vines dangling off one edge of the bouquet. But they were only a few inches long, shriveled, wilting.

    * Bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres - We requested 12 tightly packed white roses for each bridesmaid bouquet, plus a handful of boutonnieres. On 5/5/22, I sent Love Blooms a photo of how we wanted the bridesmaid bouquets to look (photo attached). Again, the flowers we received were yellowed, the potted water was green, and some of the petals were even starting to brown (I'll provide a photo). I think all of the flowers came from the same place and they were just really bad off. We're surprised that Love Blooms didn't see any problem with using them.

    * Garland for the stairs - There was a staircase at the entrance to the ceremony. We asked Love Blooms to line the staircase with green garland and candles. On 5/18/22, we emailed Love Blooms with a link to our Pinterest inspiration board (which is something Katrina had previously requested). One of the collections is called "Florals - CITS Staircase". Inside the are 3 examples of staircases decorated lush, green, fluffy garland and candles. Later that day, Katrina responded to the email, acknowledging that she had received the link to the Pinterest board. We did not receive a garland. What we received instead appeared like loose leaves just thrown on the ground (photo attached).

    * Arbor - On 7/12/21, I emailed Katrina and asked how much it would cost to recreate an arbor from a photo. She provided me with a quote to recreate the arbor, which I agreed to. The product we received had substantially fewer flowers and the flowers were (again) yellowed. They were limp and a lot were dangling upside down.

    * Aisle flowers - We requested 10 aisle bouquets made with white hydrangeas. The flowers we received looked sickly.

    * Hanging installations - We wanted to have hanging installations for our reception. We asked Love Blooms to recreate four of the 6-foot hanging wood hanging installations that we saw pictured on their websites. We were so excited that we even asked our lighting service to install extra spotlights to really emphasize the installations. What we received were barely more than sticks suspended on metal chain links.We received a lot of questions from guests and were honestly really embarrassed.

    We chose to hire and trust Love Blooms with our wedding because they're the experts, but they clearly dropped the ball. My husband and I asked for a partial refund for the things that didn't go as planned. Katrina refused to refund anything and just said that we got what we paid for (ouch).

    The complete lack of empathy and unwillingness to take responsibility is honestly the most upsetting part of the entire experience. My husband and I aren't willing to try to fight this with her. We simply will not be using Love Blooms again in the future for any events we have, nor will we recommend them to others.

    Date of wedding: 06-04-2022

  • Kate M
    Kate M wrote a review May 26, 2022
    Love Blooms is incredible!

    Katrina and her team did such an amazing job with the flowers for our reception! I had some idea of what I wanted and her vision turned out to be even... better than I could have imagined. My friends and family kept commenting on how gorgeous the flowers were. They enhanced the vibe of our party without overpowering - it was perfect!

    Date of wedding: 04-16-2022

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D wrote a review May 2, 2022
    Amazing PNW Florist!

    Karina’s talent is hard to miss with one glance of her gallery or Social Media sites, you will certainly see why! And all the lovely reviews just sh...ows how incredible she is! I had recently moved to Washington when I realized that I wanted a moody wintery woodsy Viking style wedding (with added glam of course!). The moment I found her I knew there was no one else. As a matter of fact, I had no reason to look any further. She was our flower gal.
    From the beginning, Katrina gave such great advice, and everything was such an easy transaction. I gave her a couple ideas but told her to be creative with the arrangements and everything that goes with it.
    We are truly blessed to have found Katrina, I know our paths will cross again someday- and I 100% recommend her to anyone. Thank you again for making our dreams come true!

    Date of wedding: 05-22-2022

  • Jelsy G
    Jelsy G wrote a review January 20, 2022
    Beautiful Wedding Bouquets!

    Love Blooms was perfect for our wedding day. I ordered bouquets for myself and my wedding party only. It was very easy and worry free to work with the...m. They also responded very promptly whenever I had a question. I got exactly what I wanted. They were incredibly helpful and made things clear with the contract. I sent Love Blooms pictures of the designs and bouquets turned out beautiful! I used their partnered venue, Evergreen Meadows, so the bouquets were at the venue the morning of my wedding day. I was very pleased with the designs, and they even matched my wedding party's dresses perfectly. I highly recommend hiring Love Blooms!

    Date of wedding: 09-04-2021

  • Emma S
    Emma S wrote a review December 21, 2021
    We love Love Blooms!

    I highly recommend Love Blooms for wedding florals & rentals. Katrina was absolutely wonderful to work with—flexible, responsive, understanding ...of our needs, and she delivered exactly what we asked for. She helped us with a COVID wedding, which meant dealing with constant changes to numbers & rentals needed. She also provided creative ideas for table arrangements that we hadn't thought of. I can't recommend her highly enough!

    Date of wedding: 06-11-2021

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