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Someone once told me to do what you love and life will follow. Don’t we all hear that? Okay, I like to eat pizza, watch netflixs, and cuddle with my dogs. It’s a true passion, so who wants to pay me? ANY TAKERS?! It was a struggle to find a career that everyone around me seemed to have and somewhere in the midst of life, my passion found me. And no, I don’t get paid to eat pizza and cuddle with my dogs… yet.

I had thoughts of what I could do, but lead with you heart and the rest will follow. Gosh, why do I keep hearing this. So after high school, I went to college. The career counselor ask me what major I would enjoy to pursue. I thought really hard. I enjoy listening to stories and helping people… “okay, a psychology degree would be perfect for you,” she said. So I signed up for PHYSC 101. Somewhere in the middle of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, I felt a bit sadden. “I want to hear stories, but I want to hear happy stories,” I said. A semester later I was back at my counselors office. “What else do you have for me?!”

After I thought about it for a month, I signed up for tourism and recreational management. “I love to travel and see the world.” I discussed career opportunities at career fairs and talked with professionals in the area of my new degree. “You can manage our resorts in Mexico, live on the beach. Or you can take over this resort in Hawaii,” he said. Pointing to the most luxurious place I had ever seen. At some point in our conversation, I was putting myself on a beach and envisioning my future family. Sitting in a small apartment, my kids away from their grandparents, and taking long flights back home to see them. My ideas of becoming a traveling resort manager came to reality. “This is great for a single person, but I want a family,” I thought. Back to the career counselor I go!

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