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Candid Studios is an award-winning, international destination photography and videography company based in Fort Collins, Colorado & Miami, Florida. Believe it or not, Candid Studios actually started as a computer and cell phone repair company based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We opened shop in Steamboat Springs, CO and then relocated into Fort Collins, CO. We purchased a professional camera for a YouTube channel and then quickly started to shoot engagements and other events.

Candid Studios then started to get more involved in the wedding scene and then took unprecedented growth. We quadrupled in size within our first year of business and continue to expand to new locations. We specialize in a variety of events and work with a broad range of clientele. We focus the heart of our photography and videography around our clients and strive for greatness in everything we do. We customize all of our proposals to meet our clients needs. We always go above and beyond to satisfy our clients and deliver results fully tailored for our customers.

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Candid Studios Photography & Videography is a reputable, award-winning, fully insured photography & videography company. We offer affordable, fully tailored customized packages to fit the needs of our clients. We work extremely hard to give you exactly what you imagine. We have an extensive network of additional photographers, videographers, and licensed drone operators. This insures that we will always have a trained expert at your event, regardless if someone gets sick. We extensively plan your shoots out to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We use cutting-edge equipment and software to shoot and edit all of our photos and videos to perfection. We also utilize advanced artificial intelligence imaging software to enhance all our images. All of the images and videos we create are professionally color-graded. We use premium, top-of-the-line equipment, like the Sony a7r iii. All of our videos are delivered in Ultra High Definition 4k resolution, to deliver crystal clear imaging. We use various premium lenses and multiple lighting arrangements in order to deliver dream images and dramatic lighting effects. Our equipment is unrivaled, by using top of line gear, cameras and equipment. Best of all our pricing is very competitive. We tailor all of our custom packages for every clients individual needs.
When we start a new project with a client, we ask a lot of questions. In general, we ask all of our clients to create a mood board, shot lists, dress policy, timeline, song list, flight plans, consultation dates, etc. The mood board is just a collage of images and samples to help us understand what type of photography you are looking for.
We love everything about our jobs! We get to work with amazing couples and clients on incredible projects! We love working to create something that will be a part of their home for the rest of their lives. As photographers and videographers, we are typically the closest to the action on their special date and we are very honored to be in that position.
When absolutely hate running into technical issues while editing and everything becomes bogged down. You might spend hours or days diagnosing the issue and it is almost always one little issue.
We believe that being a great photographer is more than the equipment you use or pressing a button. We truly strive to get to know our couples and models in order to see what works for them. We have to get to know you in order to make your vision a reality. For that reason, we conduct a complementary consultation for ALL of our shoots. We also prefer to complete an engagement session with our customers to get to know them better… We also like to think we have that “eye” to make beautiful photographs! 🙂



4 Reviews for Candid Studios Photography & Videography

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C wrote a review June 26, 2023
    Loved our experience

    Candid Studios exceeded our expectations with their exceptional wedding photography. From the moment we first met with their team, it was clear that t...hey had a deep passion for capturing love stories in the most exquisite way. They took the time to understand our vision and style, ensuring that every photograph reflected our unique personalities and the emotions of our special day. Their photographers were not just skilled professionals but also incredibly friendly and attentive, making us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. They expertly captured every detail, from the intricate decorations to the candid moments shared between us and our loved ones. The composition, lighting, and angles in each photograph were carefully chosen, resulting in a collection of images that are both artistic and timeless. The final photographs were beautifully edited, enhancing the colors and bringing out the emotions captured in each frame. Candid Studios has given us a precious visual storybook that we will treasure for the rest of our lives

    Date of wedding: 02-14-2023

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G wrote a review June 26, 2023

    We chose Candid Studios for our engagement photography, and it was the best decision we could have made. From the moment we met their photographers, i...t was evident that they were not just skilled professionals but also passionate storytellers who were deeply invested in capturing the essence of our love story. They took the time to truly understand our relationship, the significance of the engagement, and the emotions we wanted to convey through the photographs. Their approach was a perfect blend of guidance and spontaneity, allowing us to be ourselves while ensuring that every shot was visually captivating. They expertly utilized different locations, lighting, and compositions to create a diverse and visually striking collection of images. Their ability to capture the raw emotions, the chemistry, and the deep connection between us was truly remarkable. The final photographs surpassed our expectations, capturing the love, joy, and excitement that filled our hearts during this special chapter of our lives. Candid Studios has given us a visual legacy of our engagement that will forever remind us of the journey we embarked upon and the love that binds us together. We are immensely grateful for their exceptional talent, professionalism, and commitment to delivering excellence.

    Date of wedding: 01-06-2023

  • Brian G
    Brian G wrote a review June 26, 2023

    Candid Studios provided outstanding service for our wedding videography, and their work exceeded our wildest dreams. From the moment we met their vide...ographers, we knew we were in the hands of true professionals who were passionate about their craft. They took the time to understand our love story, our personalities, and the emotions we wanted to convey through our wedding film. Their attention to detail was impeccable, ensuring that every significant moment was captured from multiple angles and perspectives. They seamlessly blended in with our guests, allowing for natural and candid shots that truly reflected the energy and joy of the day. Their ability to anticipate and capture the most heartfelt and intimate moments was truly remarkable. The editing process was a work of art, as they weaved together the footage, added music that resonated with us, and created a captivating narrative that encapsulated the essence of our wedding day. The final film was a masterpiece that brought tears of joy to our eyes and will continue to evoke those emotions for years to come. Candid Studios has given us the gift of reliving our wedding day and all its magical moments whenever we want, and we will forever be grateful for their extraordinary talent and dedication.

    Date of wedding: 01-10-2023

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M wrote a review June 26, 2023
    Wedding Videography

    We chose Candid Studios for our wedding videography, and they did an incredible job capturing the most important day of our lives. From the moment we ...met their team, it was evident that they were passionate about their craft and dedicated to telling our love story in the most beautiful way. They took the time to understand our vision, the key moments we wanted to be captured, and the emotions we wanted to convey through the video. On the day of the wedding, they seamlessly blended into the background, capturing every significant detail, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the reception festivities. Their ability to anticipate important moments and emotions allowed them to capture the raw and authentic essence of the day. The editing process was a work of art, as they skillfully weaved together the footage, added music and effects, and created a final video that moved us to tears. The video perfectly encapsulated the love, joy, and celebration that filled the air, and we will cherish it for years to come. Candid Studios has given us a visual masterpiece that allows us to relive our wedding day over and over again.

    Date of wedding: 03-14-2023

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