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Hello! My name is Jessica Dixon and I am a professional photographer based out of El Paso, TX.

A little bit of back story; I had two years of portrait photography experience before starting my business in 2006, I shot my first wedding in 2007 and I have been hooked since. That feeling of fulfillment I get when I show couples their wedding images is unlike any other to me. And yes, the wedding cake helped too!

However, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to follow the crowd and just be any other photographer out there in the vast ocean of people-with-expensive-cameras. After all these years of learning and working; I always strived to make my images creative, upscale and works of art. Instead of producing hundreds of images that will get stored in a hard drive somewhere, I want to give life to the portrait again and show couples that they can relive the story of their wedding day in a custom, gourgeous album.

At the end of the day, I just love to see my clients faces light up when they see their images. That instant feeling of fulfillment is unlike anything else. I am truly blessed to be doing something so gratifying. I love my job 🙂

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