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Jax studio provides san antonio brides a high-end, luxury experience for wedding day hair and makeup, specializing in wedding photography makeup and hair.

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Jacqueline Roberson


Please visit our website: Www.jaxstudiosa.com/contact
Yes! We have a minimum 6 adult services per category (hair and/or makeup) to go onsite day of a wedding. That is a total 12 adult services if you are wanting both. Children over the age of 3 are welcome to have services but do not count toward the service total to go onsite. We are happy to accommodate smaller parties if your wedding is on a weekday or Sunday.
Yes we do! We want to make sure you are 100% sure we are the right team for you before we both enter into a legal binding contract or exchange monetary amounts. We know that exchanging money and entering into a legal binding contract prior to meeting a bride has zero integrity in the best interest of the bride or our staff. We want you 100% happy with your choice, wether it is with our team or another team! Please get a trial and a contract with whomever you choose to work with as a beauty vendor! K
This one is a doozy… if you have a weekday wedding, you can look as far out is two to three months.. a Saturday wedding books out as far as 18 months depending on the date. We are in high demand, and we are proud to say that we book our very far in advance. However, there are certain weekends where we have staff available up until 3-6 months ahead of time. We find dates that are mathematically interesting: 10/10/20, 4/3/21… etc go the fastest! Holiday weddings (Labor Day, thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve) are super fast to book, please give a shout and we are happy to let you know what we have available!
Absolutely not! We have found that for some reason everyone believes airbrush to be the best, however, the process and the products from airbrush foundations are decades behind what is offered in the skin category of cosmetics available now. Here in Texas we have seen airbrush roll off the skin in the heat (silicone) and streak with tears and be so dry that it cracks (water based) and so we see no need to use this product when technology and advancements in foundations has changed so much in the past 3-5years. We do something completely different: we hand mix a prestige foundation (as you would find at Neiman Marcus) to your exact shade… understanding your undertones and body tones to the exact perfect shade for you (and we also do this for your party as well). This way, as we hold the specialization for makeup and hair for photography, there is no flaws in photographs. If your skin color is slightly off, you will see it for decades to come as you revisit your special day in photos. After all, you have spent hundreds to thousands on your dress, your accessories and the venue.. how terrible it would be to look back on those photographs of mismatched skin, poorly done hair and that’s what you have for forever in your images! Please get a makeup and hair trial prior to booking your team! Wether it is us or some other beauty vendor! Make sure the team doing your trial is the team you will have for your actual wedding day, and please make sure you have a contract to secure your date!


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